Dimepiece Designs *NYC Boutique BB Dakota
Obey 9Five Eyewear Alternative Apparel
Married to the Mob KLP Hellz Bellz
Married to the Mob Nixon Iron Fist
BB Dakota RVCA Tavik Swimwear
Alternative Apparel *NYC Boutique WeSC
1. T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt)
The Wifey Material Tank
2. Alternative Apparel
The Mama Cass Top
3. Harajuku Lovers
The Foodie G Tee
4. Jack BB Dakota
The Baldwin Top
5. Cheap Monday
The Cut Tee
6. Luxirie by LRG
The Micro Pique Polo
7. Blaque Label
The Oren Top
8. Trash and Luxury
The Femme Fatale Dolman Cuff Top
9. Hellz Bellz
The Triumph Top
10. Tripp NYC
The Baby Doll Fishnet Top
11. Nikita
The Dynamite Top
12. Dimepiece Designs
The Love Bills Boatneck Tee
13. Junkfood Clothing
The Good Times Tee
14. Free People
The Printed Tee Tunic
15. tokidoki
The Savannah Paris Top
16. Motel
The Lotte Crop Top
17. Hellz Bellz
The Viva Hellz Oversized Tee
18. Sauce
The Vintage London Tee
19. BB Dakota
The Aleka Top
20. Obey
The National Forest Plaid Shirt
21. Public Library
The Love Rockets Moto Cropped Burnout Top
22. Dimepiece Designs
The Animal Top
23. See You Monday
The Zebra Print Top
24. Married to the Mob
The Pacha Color Block Top
25. Quiksilver
The Dogstar Top
26. Wildfox
The Light Feather L/S Tee
27. Joyrich
The Fifty-Fifty Top
28. Crooks and Castles
The Big Square Plaid

Yay! Back from the emerald isle and England. Had an awesome time – saw our best friend from high school who has been living in London for the past 2 years, saw Oscar Wilde’s house (well, I suppose it’s no longer his cuz he’s dead) and traipsed around the beautiful, verdant Irish countryside and as I had hoped would happen, we had to stop the car for a sheep, though it looked kind of like a goat .. maybe a sheep-goat hybrid?

Since I did no shopping (I swear!) overseas, of course I had to pick up a few items from Karmaloop last night. Here’s my latest list of goodies: The Cats 1000 Shades from Ray Ban (I love them bc they’re 1. blue! and 2. a little less extremey cat-eyed than the shades I was rocking last fall); the Wren Studded Collar Boot from 80%20 (for obvious reasons…); the Gabby Top from NYC Boutique (for a cool hit of neon); the Sherelle Dress from Blaque Label (cuz peach is such a sweet color for summer; the dress is long and perfect for loungey, lazy, hot days, and, I’m kind of really feeling the name Sherelle). And though I didn’t get the Leathery Leggings from NYC Boutique, man oh man, are they hot (see inset).

Let me just say that coming from our relaxing trip into the madness that is Karmaloop during the summer (tons of interns!) was a bit jarring, but i’m glad to be back and looking forward to hosting a gang of Kloop peeps for a pool party for the 4th (no, I don’t have a pool – I wish! Boys’ parents are out of town and we’re taking over their digs).

Check out our teaser for Japan week on KarmaloopTV. Do you recognize anybody in the “modern dance” sequence? And, check out some of mee pics from abroad….


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Crop Tops!

We’re LOVING crop tops this season. A chic take on that 90s trend, try on a crop top with high-waisted shorts or skirts for a hot look that isn’t TOO Cher and Dionne!

The Olga Cropped Tee in Black

The Olga Cropped Tee

The Meltdown Cropped Tee in Off White

The Meltdown Cropped Tee

The Lotte Crop Top in White

The Lotte Crop Top

The Hello Kitty Plaid Cropped Top

The Hello Kitty Plaid Cropped Top

The Narcissa Shorts

The Narcissa Shorts

The Alice Skirt

The Alice Skirt

The Gita Skirt in Light Blue

The Gita Skirt

The Pixie Shorts

The Pixie Shorts

Slashed Tops!

A perfect way to show just the right amount of skin while still leaving the goods to the imagination, we can’t get enough of these artfully designed peekaboo tops! Throw on over your bikini for a hot day at the beach, or pair with your favorite mini skirt for a night out on the town!

The Wasteland Tank in White

The Wasteland Tank

The Tyson Lace Top in Slate Grey

The Tyson Lace Top

The Thrash Sleeveless Shirt

The Thrash Sleeveless Shirt

The Slashed AA Tank in Gray

The Slashed AA Tank