Breaking News: Courtney Love is back. Or at least she wants to be. The grunge icon opened up to Fashion Magazine and claims to be staging a comeback. While I’m still hoping for the glorious, eminent, and bronze return of Lindsey Lohan as a legitimate star, Courtney Love is really the next best thing. If Britney can return to her rightful place on the throne of Pop than so can Love to her respective genre.

Say what you want about her addiction problems, music, and general bizarre antics, Miss Love is an undeniable style icon.





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But Love claims the fashion industry has not always been so kind. After her rehab stint in 2006 she was banished from the fashion world she once dominated. Here’s some visual evidence of hitting rock bottom.





Love was only accepted back into the fold after Ricardo Tisci (Givenchy) claimed her as his muse. His proclamation allowed her to slowly make her way back into the elite world. Nowadays, practically everyone is claiming the icon as inspiration, which can only be the product of the current ’90s nostalgia mania. And it shows: Hedi Slimane used her as model and very apparent muse in his latest collection for Saint Laurent; it’s not even 90′s inspired it’s just recreation. Peak your head in the closest Zara, usual retailer of fashionable young business professionals, and you’ll find a replica of Miss Love’s closet of 20 years ago: slip dresses, chunky boots, and floral baby dolls, looks that were once rebellious and alternative.

Scrolling through the Tubmlr of #Courtney,  Love looks remarkably similar to the girls with active fashion Tumblrs.  When asked about her iconic look she says, “There was no contrivance … it was what I found and was my look. It was utilitarian, I could pack fast, and I was extremely, extremely picky about the dresses and shoes and little plastic tiaras and barrettes I wore.”  So that’s where the look du jour came from, a young rocker chick just trying to ease her luggage weight.



While the rest of the world is trying to recreate Love’s old look, she’s onto the new. She recalls Karl Lagerfeld calling her out at the Mercer Hotel for wearing a tutu. She realized her ridiculous outfits were just that, ridiculous, and began to turn around her fashion choices to be more respectable and age appropriate, a key part of her comeback. I can only hope that when I’m at a low point Karl Lagerfeld will be there to snap me out of it.

But fear not, respectable does not mean she has abandoned her sense of style. She’s just toned it down to be a little more stylish and a little less insane. I think she still looks incred. Am I the only one in total shock that she’s 49? Maybe we should all start a drugs and alcohol beauty regimen.

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Other than turning around her image to regain a legitimate place in the fashion world, Love is also in the works of releasing an autobiography and album. So there will be plenty of ways to get your Courtney fix in the coming months. Be excited! I love you, Love. I’m wishing Courtney the absolute best of luck, she’s a star that I would really like to see make it (again).

Want to channel some of her badass vibes? Scroll down!



The Vixen Mini Dress



The Plaid Skirt




The Drench 8 Eye Boot




The Ying Yang Sweater



UNIF The Outsider Jacket



The Brixton Jumper


The High Knee Sock


The Opaque Lipstick in Retrofuturist