Once Halloween is over it’s essentially Christmas. Everyone knows that. There’s that one day with a lot of food and drunk relatives thrown in there, but other than that according to commercials and window displays, November 1-December 25 is Christmastime.

Following that calendar, I’ve already started thinking about my Christmas list. Yes, I’m aware that’s sad, but its really more the product of a lack of funds and excess of coveted items than actually thinking it’s appropriate timing.  Those of you celebrating Thanksgivmukkah this year, I envy you. Anyway, one of the top items on my nascent list is the Jeffrey Campbell Warfare Boot.



The Warfare Boot in Quilted Black

These are seriously cool. They’re the kind of boots that if I saw a girl walking (more likely strutting) down the street in these stunners I would stop her and ask her where she got them. The kind of boot I can see totally changing the way I dress to fully revolve around them. The kind of boots that even worn with your gym leggings and a t-shirt are still begging to be photographed for someone’s street style blog. (Hope you’re reading this, Santa)

If I were to trace my thigh high boot love back to it’s origin it would probably be when Andy Sachs miraculously emerges from her dowdiness: “Are those the….?” “Chanel boots? Yeah.” she says with a smug smirk.

So there you have it, thigh highs were basically responsible for her transformation, forget Nigel. From then on, it was an unrequited love, unable to find a pair that was right for me. There’s a fine line between chic and Pretty Woman status, so I’ve been cautious. However, these JC’s have it all, the answer to my prayers. The flat heel and equestrian style shape keep them classy and contemporary, while the length keeps them edgy and interesting.


Not convinced on this bold style? Here’s some inspo.

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