We’ve yet to be accosted with the first snow of the season here in Boston and I’m already tiring of all my jackets. Unimpressed with my closet, my eyes have been wandering over to the bomber jackets on Miss KL, a happy mix between the aviator and varsity jacket. Pretty much every jacket I own is motorcycle-style or at least has lapels, so there’s something incredibly appealing about the simple, non-fussiness of the bomber jacket. It feels distinctly modern even though they hit their big moment in the ’80s with the famous Members Only jacket.

This style is coming back and this time it’s for everyone, no more membership card required. Designers have readopted the shape and taken some seriously cool liberties with fabrics and prints. I like them ’cause they have a nice masculine vibe that’ll tone down anything too girly, I’ll never say no to the appropriation of menswear. They’re such an easy piece to incorporate into your wardrobe because they go with any style, but my favorite is with a pair of high-waisted skinnies, a crop top, and booties. It’s also rad to pair a printed top under your printed jacket.

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Our Miss KL Picks:




The Teddy Bomber Jacket



The Riot Squad Bomber Jacket


The Rydell Jacket



The Oversized Bomeber Jacket



The Laced Up Wave Zip Jacket



The Motel x Jeffrey Campbell Bomber



The Lenzie Bomber


The Oversized Bomber

Bonus: These things were practically made for coat slinging aka my favorite outdoor activity.



And they manage to make even the Biebz look cool

Justin Bieber wearing a bomberjacket in Disneyland Paris


I genuinely have no idea why this exists…