Just a few short months ago, the insistence that Sky Ferreira was a real artist was irksome.  Like c’mon that’s a joke, right? Tumblr muse famous for portraying the pillars of heroin chic (tired, bored, beautiful) and getting caught with actual heroin? Yes.  Bona fide, talented musician?  Absolutely not.

But since the release of her new album Night Time, My Time I’ve changed my tune, as it seems she’s changed hers. She bumped up her energy and confidence (maybe it’s the heroin…?) from the painfully simple & pouty “Everything is Embarassing” and created an album that is fun, clever, catchy, and has some depth. That’s basically my checklist for good pop music.

YouTube Preview Image

For that’s what Sky Ferreira is: pop music. I think my expectations of her are too high because she looks so cool. Therefore, I expect her music to be somehow deeper and more artful than pop music. Her aesthetic is truly awesome. As a comment on her video states, “she’s so tumblr.” She embodies the unique, alternative, edgy look so many girls are trying desperately to achieve (mostly in vain). Fashion icons like Sky and Claire Boucher prove once and for all that the days of cookie-cutter Britneys, Christinas, and Jessicas ruling the pop music scene are gone.

For being a pioneer on the road to embracing female stars as creative, artistic individuals, I love Ferreira. And I actually love this new album. If you’re not sold on the music, I’m sorry but at least you’ll have a salacious tit pic on your iPhone as the cover art to shock the relatives at Thanksgiving.