My skinny jeans and I are in a very committed, loving relationship. But today for the first time, I broke our monogamous bond. I’m getting some on the side and willing to admit it. I’m so sorry, skinnies, but boyfriend jeans have after a long pursuit, stolen my heart. I fought it for months, since we first saw boyfriend denim as a major trend over summer. I figured they were just one of those trends I couldn’t pull off, out of my league, I was a skinny jeans girl. But I finally succumbed after drooling over boyfriend jeans on every single blog and street style photo ever and honestly couldn’t be happier with this budding relationship.


The Fiasco Awesome Baggies



 The Classic Blue Awesome Baggies

Really, they’re everything you want out of a real boyfriend. They make you feel great. You can take them anywhere. You’re comfortable when you’re with them. They complement you. They get along with all your friends (your other clothes). And you just can’t let them go, you want to spend every second with them. While they won’t take you out to dinner or even respond when you talk to them, they’re kinda the next best things to the real deal.

Mostly, I think I’m so obsessed because they are new and different. After years of skinny jeans dictating my wardrobe, they are such a refreshing change. But it’s more than that; they have a certain effortless, laidback cool you just cannot achieve with skinnies.

However with new styles comes a whole new world of styling. The most important thing is to buy a cropped pair or do it yourself by rolling a cuff. That bit of ankle showing keeps your proportions in check and shows that there is a nice shape underneath the baggy denim by drawing attention to the thinnest part of your legs. Boyfriend denim looks awesome with a pair of pumps or flats. My absolute favorite shoe for this cut is one with an ankle strap like these from Jeffrey Campbell. But boots can be a bit trickier. Try and have your boots hit no higher than your ankle or preferably just below it, remember we gotta keep that thing visible!

In order to balance out the volume of the excess denim, keep your top half toned down. Tuck in your shirt and top it off with a fitted leather jacket or simply wear a tight shirt.

Cool contrast is so easy with boyfriend denim. Wear a more polished shirt and blazer to balance the relaxed, casual look of the jeans. You can also juxtapose the masculine element (they are called boyfriend jeans for a reason) by pairing them with a super feminine top.

Simplest of all, take a cue from Lana del Rey and pair your blue jeans with a plain white shirt, whether it be a tee or oxford.  Nothing is cooler or more timeless.

Here’s some more inspiration to quell any non-skinny jean anxiety you may still be feeling and to get you stoked on this style as I am!












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