It’s no secret were living in a youth culture-obsessed world. Models are basically preteens at this point and an actress is old at 40. What happened to “respect your elders” and “the older, the wiser”? I’m fully aware of this backwards thinking but still can’t help but be terrified by the prospects of sagging skin, grey hair, and pilling, moth ball, grandma sweaters. I’m not even old enough to legally drink, why am I worrying about this?! Luckily, Ari Seth Cohen is here to ease my distress and showcase how to age fabulously. And yes part of his name is Seth Cohen. Jeal.

Cohen’s charming blog, Advanced Style is like your run of the mill New York City street style blog but instead of featuring the students of Parsons and other aspiring fashionistas, it’s the best dressed of the geriatric scene. These dames are showing us how to live life to the fullest and that personal style only advances with age, all while quieting our fears of turning old and boring. Get your mature fashion fix at Advanced Style.











If that’s not enough he also has a documentary – ┬ácomplete with Tavi Gevinson interviews!