I know Halloween’s over, bu the spookiest time of year just makes me happy.  I LOVE spooky stuff: ghost stories, horror movies, and suspenseful TV shows rule my life & just make me generally excited.  SO excited, that when I asked our resident Beauty Guru, Debi, to do a nail tutorial with our brand new Exclusive Lacquer from Floss Gloss, Gangsta Boo, I almost shrieked (out of happiness, not fright!) that she wanted to do a blood-splattered look a la Dexter.  Spooky nails?  Sign a girl up.


Here’s what you’ll need:


Clockwise: Nailpolish remover (for fixing mistakes!), One or Two Dental Flossers, White Nail Polish, Red Nail Polish (we recommend Miss KL’s exclusive, Gangsta Boo, from Floss Gloss!), Top coat, and Q-tips.


Step 1: Paint your nails white.



Step 2: Coat the Floss part of the Flosser with Gangsta Boo by Floss Gloss.  Hold over each nail and pluck the floss (like you were strumming a guitar!) – This will give you your desired splatter effect.



Step 3: Dip a Q Tip in Nail Polish removed and swipe around each nail to clean up any excess polish.

Step 4: Apply top coat, let dry, and VOILA!  Dexter nails.



Don’t forget to pick up your own bottle of GANGSTA BOO from Floss Gloss.  Available only on Miss KL!