When I was 12 years old I was worrying about if I would be asked to dance in some awfully lit gym filled with a bunch of pimply pubescent kids ,while being self conscious of my braces. Tavi Gevinson, on the other hand, was building a fashion and publishing empire.


Gevinson is the Founder and Editor in Chief of RookieMag and a girl you need to know. She already had a fashion blog that received media attention for her outlandish and interesting sense of style while the rest of us were still wearing Hollister.  Her humble blog grew to a mega-popular online magazine with celebrity contributors like Lena Dunham, Jon Hamm, Judd Apatow, and Miranda July by the time she reached 15. Again, at 15 I was stressing about prom invites and if there’d be a party after the football game, being so regular.


She really is a wunderkind, Lady Gaga even called her “the future of journalism.” Hear that journalism majors? Forget finding your angle and formatting, go start a quirky fashion blog. But, RookieMag is much more than a fashion blog; over the years it shifted focus from fashion to pop culture, and Tavi is now considered a major name in contemporary feminism. Her mission is “trying to reconcile all of these differences you’re told you can’t be as a girl…we just want to help represent girls in a way that shows that different dimensions.”

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She’s also personal friends with Sofia Copolla, works with artists like Petra Collins, sits front row at fashion shows like Rodarte and Band of Outsiders, and is profiled by publications like The New Yorker. But all that aside, I love Tavi for her whimsical, girlish, vintage, DIY aesthetic that is always unapologetically promoting empowerment and positivity. She’s now 17 (that’s still so insane to me) and going strong with the print publication of Rookie Yearbook 2 which I’ll be picking up as soon as possible!

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