In the early hours of October 9th, something amazing happened on the Internet. A photo was posted on Instagram. This was not just any photo/selfie/foodstagram/etc; oh no, this was a photo of the fab six that everyone grew up with: the six key cast members of That 70′s Show.


Instagrammed by Danny Masterson and then slowly reposted throughout the cast, the six former costars had gotten close for a pic while singing along to the show’s iconic theme song “In The Street” by Big Star. If you were like me and saw this being reposted by half your Twitter feed, your reaction might have been “OMG” or “WTF” or perhaps you threw your phone across your bedroom (which was definitely not what I did). Much like others, I spent my afternoons and nights home from school flipping on television only to catch an episode or two of everyone’s favorite period sitcom. Even now I find myself indulging in the series on Netflix (streaming in its entirety) and holding my sides-LOLing at the extremely relatable jokes between Eric and Hyde, Jackie and Donna, Fez and the whole gang, etc because let’s be real.

In celebration of this awesome Internet surprise, let us relive some favorite smoky basement confessions and scenes from the beloved That 70′s Show.

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