Mondays are all about starting anew.  After spending a weekend of staying out, sleeping in, and indulging in vices (greasy food, sweets, booze – Saturday and Sunday are internationally known as cheat days in my world) Mondays are the day we bring a salad for lunch, start our trendy 3-day juice cleanses, and head into work ready to knock the week out of the park.

Okay, well maybe not that last one.  This is me when my alarm clock goes off on Monday morning:



ANYWAY, I digress.  For those of you struggling to get through your spinach salads while visions of cupcakes dance through your heads, you can now indulge in all your favorite sweet treats 7 days a week and not feel one smidgen of guilt.  The latest iPhone 5 cases from *MKL Accessories are drool-worthy and calorie-free.  Score.

Sweet Talk

To make these cases even sweeter, you can even choose your level of sugar:

For just a little sprinkle of sweetness on your iPhone, try the Sprinkes iPhone 5 Case:

sweet talk - sprinkles


Snack-worthy is how I’d rate the Gummy Bear iPhone 5 Case.  (You can’t bite the heads off of these little guys, though).

sweet talk - gummy bears

And for a full-on sugar high, go for the Yummy Donut iPhone 5 Case.

sweet talk - donuts


It’s normal to drool over iPhone cases, right?