Caged swimsuits, crazy sunglasses, pink hues, hologram everything – I’m pretty sure that when I sleep, I dream of Azealia Banks’ ATM Jam music video.


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Like for real, I thought I couldn’t love #YUNGRAPUNXEL anymore after becoming obsessed with her for her string of Mermaid Ball soirees in Los Angeles, NYC and London last year – yup, Miss Banks threw Mermaid-themed parties across the globe in celebration of her mixtape, Fantasea, released Summer 2012.  The London event was even INSIDE an aquarium.  So um, yeah, love her.




Back to ATM Jam – the video is just beyond 3 minutes and features pastel-haired babes and Azealia herself in dyed furs, hologram and plastic/translucent skirts, crazy bedazzled sunglasses, and platforms.  Aesthetically, ATM Jam, directed by Rony Alwin, calls upon pinks, purples, and turquoises as an overall motif to compliment the ladies seemingly outrageous-yet-totally-tangible outfit choices.  In fact, tons of items (or similar items) in this video are available on Miss KL.  So, my dear babes, read further to see how you can rock a look inspired by Azealia Banks & ATM Jam.


atm jam 2

atm jam1

An integral component of the ATM Jam LA-inspired aesthetic is sunnies.  Sunnies, sunnies, and more sunnies.  Pastel-colored cat eyes and round, John-Lennon sunnies adorned with jewels, flowers, and more.  This is a look that can be easily added onto almost any outfit for a daring, zany flare.  Choose any of the sunglasses below to automatically spice up your steez.


MKL Accessories – The Vintage Triangle Sunglasses in BlackTL4C4SUN-BKLZOOM1

Linda Farrow Projects – The Todd Lynn x Linda Farrow Black Metal Oversized SunglassesTIEDIE-MLTZOOM1

Replay Vintage Sunglasses – The Tie Dye Sunglasses


MKL Accessories – The Money Hologram Sunglasses


MKL Accessories – The Hello World Sunglasses in GoldB-AT-PNKZOOM1

Quay Eyeware Australia – The Bat Sunglasses in Shiny Pink


MKL Accessories – The English Garden Sunglasses in Silver88232-WHTZOOM1

MKL Accessories – The Floral Heart Sunglasses


atm jam 3

Another integral component to ATM Jam?  Choker necklaces.  A subtle detail that I can truly appreciate – choker necklaces have been slowly coming back into style and are now being rocked by the daring fashion gals out there; a year or so from now we’ll be seeing them on basics at the mall (where all great trends go to die).  For now, though, they are reserved for the bad bitch who can rock the dominated or dominatrix look.  Tone down the S&M aspect of the look with jewels and light metals, like with these styles below:


O-Mighty – The Exclusive Taken Hologram Choker


O-Mighty – The Skull Hologram Choker in Gunmetal

atm jam 4

atm jam 5


Caged swimwear and undergarments – awful for tanlines, incredible for revving up a simple intimates look into edgy territory.  Caged or cutout anything is tough to pull off, it takes a lot of letting go of any inhibitions and being like, “I got it, I’m flaunting it” – with any of these styles, you just gotta go for it.  To start out a little more tamely before putting it all out there, layer the below styles under a sheer top or dress for a little coverage.


One Teaspoon – The Superman Bodice in Black


One Teaspoon – The Superman Bodice in Silver


Intimates Boutique – The Cage Me Bra & Panty Set in Hot Pink


MKL Collective – The Lattice Bra


UNIF – The Oh Dang Suit in Galaxy

atm jam 7

atm jam 8


Quite possibly my favorite looks in this video are the reflective ones – Holy Hologram, indeed.  I love shiny shit.  With hologram, translucent, or refractive anything, you can either go big and make that your entire look (all shiny errthang) or make it the focal point of an outfit by pairing the holographic piece with more submissive items (basics, if you will).  Miss Banks & co. strike a great balance with a good collection of shiny & non-shiny items.  You can mimic this look with items below:


Lip Service – The Hologram Circle Skirt


Lip Service – The Hologram Bustier


Reverse – The Flower Cut Out Skirt


MKL Collective – The Fifth Element Bustier in Silver


UNIF – The Gammaray Skirt


UNIF – The Plur Crop


MKL Accessories – The Pink Plastics Backpack


UNIF – The Spectrum Bag


UNIF – The Cake Dress


O-Mighty – The Exclusive Hologram Backpack

atm jam 6


Speaking of apparel, who else is in love with Azealia’s outfit in the above screenshots?  A crop top and harem pants are definitely the 2013 go-to outfit (shoutout to comfy trends luv you 4ever), but Azealia spices this look up with some shine in her bedazzled crop top and plastic-detailed star sweats.  While I can’t give you this full on look from Miss KL (trust me, if I could I would be wearing it right now), but you can definitely mimic this look with these items:


Married to the Mob – The OHHELL Cropped Tank in White & Black


Tripp NYC – The Checkerboard Jean


Jeffrey Campbell – The Woosh Bootie in Black & White (EXCLUSIVE)


Last but not least, the shoes in this video, though briefly shown, are platforms straight outta Spice World.  I love platforms, I’d name my first-born child Platform Heel if that wouldn’t be weird, so the fact that Azealia added these into her video makes me happy.  AND it ties together the whimsical feel of the video – these girls look like they’re about to hit up Alice’s super trendy tea party in Wonderland (invite me plz, Azealia?).  Here are some of my favorite platforms we’re currently carrying on Miss KL.


Jeffrey Campbell – The Icy Shoe in White Leather & Doll Heads


Privileged – The Man Eater Shoe in Black


Privileged – The Man Eater Shoe in Seafoom


Jeffrey Campbell – The Reyes Shoe in White


Jeffrey Campbell – The Scully Platform in All White


Jeffrey Campbell – The Siren Shoe in Silver Metallic Leather and Clear (EXCLUSIVE)


Jeffrey Campbell – The Tardy Shoe in White


UNIF – The Koop Shoe in Pink Metallic


UNIF – The Gammaray Platform in Multi

Now get out there and show ‘em how it’s done.