If you haven’t noticed by now, ’90s nostalgia is in full swing (and I love it). The ’90s were when MTV dominated, wearing clothes backwards was encouraged, and condoms doubled as eye wear. So basically the best time ever. While I don’t think we should revive ALL  ’90s fashion, I definitely am drawing on the decade’s looks for fall/winter inspiration and I’d advise you to do the same.

Right now, my biggest style inspiration is Aaliyah. Growing up, I fawned over this chick; to regular ol’ me, Aaliyah was the epitome of laid back cool. She showed just enough skin to be sexy, but still maintained her edge with baggy pants and bandanas – making it so pretty much every guy was in love with her. Ask every boy in my middle school who they wanted to wife up and chances were Aaliyah was their top choice. Inspired by this, I  tried and failed at emulating the look with one sideswept bang and the low-slung jeans. Thankfully, now I’m a whole lot older and have more fashion and common sense. Check out my picks below & see how I plan on injecting some Aaliyah into my wardrobe this season.





Begin with Glamour’s The Short Top in Black (gotta flash some skin) and layer with Crooks and Castles Athletica Baseball Jersey. Afterward, slide into Jack BB Dakota’s Gretna Ponte Pant. Roughen up the look a little bit with Jeffery Campbell’s HBIC Boot in Wheat  and MKL Accesories’ Mr. T Chain. And you’re now all set to Bankhead bounce all over the place in a 90s R&B video.


Glamour’s The Short Top in Black


Crooks and Castles Athletica Baseball Jersey


Jack BB Dakota’s Gretna Ponte Pant


 Jeffery Campbell’s HBIC Boot in Wheat


MKL Accesories’ Mr. T Chain