As a native west-coaster, I still can’t say I’ve got this whole cold weather thing down pat. It’s been three years. I think it’s something that just must be missing from my west coast DNA. Luckily, per usual Miss KL has got my back, and cold toes and fingers. Seeing that today was the first day I questioned if my flats were still appropriate (a truly awful day every year), it seems appropriate to go through a quick cold weather guide, cause as much as I don’t want to admit it, it’s coming.



The Cut Off Glovesgloves2

 Leopard Driving Glove

Black fingerless gloves will forever be my friends. They allow you to be totally mobile unlike those weird ones without separate fingers (do those have a name?)  Editor’s note:  they are called mittens. and they have this really cool biker vibe.  Maybe not as warm, but way more eye-catching are these cheetah-print ones. They kind of remind me of a something Anna dello Russo would wear to her deb ball, in the absolute best way possible. These are so quirky yet lady-like, SO in love.


0T-10651-LEOZOOM1 (1)

Dark Brown Leopard Scarf


Santos Hooded Scarf

Scarves are lovely because they’re functional and fashionable. On the fashion side of things, this cheetah print infinity scarf is ideal. I have a tendency to wear a lot of black in winter (OK, well all the time) so this works well to break up a dark look and add some interest. This hooded scarf is actually everything I need in life. I somehow managed to build a wardrobe with absolutely no hoods. This scarf turns any coat or jacket into one that will protect you from those wintry elements.  I sometimes wrap an infinity scarf into a hood but it doesn’t always cut it, this hooded scarf definitely will.




The Gloze Large Slouch Beanie


The Chrome 2 Yo Dome Beanie

Apparently that statistic I believed forever that 80% of your body heat goes out of your head is false, but sometimes I still believe because throw on a good beanie and you’re back up to a toasty comfortable temperature. Beanies are crucial so investing in a plain, slouchy one like BMC’s is a must. However, if my outfit permits I’m jumping to Joe Anthony Salas’ “The Chrome 2 Yo Dome” beanie because this is actually the sickest beanie ever. Long gone are the days of embarrassing brimmed beanies reserved only for snowboarding, Miss KL’s picks will have your noggin current and cozy.



The Coralie Quilted 8 Eye Boot




The HBIC Boot

Wet, cold feet might be number one least favorite thing about winter, it pains me just thinking about it.  Luckily, Doc Martens came to me as a revelation. They’re waterproof and all weather; these babies double as my rain and snow boots. They’re also infinitely cooler than rubber boots. The Jeffrey Campbell HBIC boot may be a bit impractical for your day to day, but night to night they’re awesome. Wearing your stilettos out is risky, there’s no need to ruin them or your neck in the snow. However, these JC leather boot will keep you warm while the mega grip on the sole will keep you upright. They’re a magical combination of snow boot and high heel.




The Shredded Tight


The Leopard Tight

Tights are a seriously overlooked winter accessory –  about half my wardrobe would be obsolete come winter if it weren’t for trusty tights.  They allow your skirts and dresses to transition into the cold weather beautifully. Everyone should invest in some opaque, black tights, but these Miss KL finds are another level. I absolutely love the ripped tights look and have sadly ruined a number of tights trying to obtain it.   Pretty Polly’s “The Shredded Tight” to the rescue! This cheetah print pair is great cause they’re just a subtle pop of fun but still neutral, allowing you to wear them with oh so many outfits.