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Your favorite private school girl is back and meaner than ever!  Chris Lilley is reprising his role of the infamously popular Ja’mie King in his new show Ja’mie King: Private School Girl.  King was originally created for Lilley’s show We Can Be Heroes and was subsequently used in his next work, Summer Heights High which aired in the US in 2008 on HBO.   Arguably one of Lilley’s greatest characters to date, Ja’mie King parodies your typical wealthy private school girl: remarkably shallow and endlessly snobby.

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In Summer Heights High, Ja’mie is a transfer student from the prestigious Hillford Girls Grammar School, and we follow her on her journey as she makes all new friends and weaves her way through the public school system.  Now on Private School Girl, we can enjoy all the laughs and heartbreaks that are sure to ensue in Ja’mie’s final year at Hillford, which is sure to be the greatest year of her life.

This six episode mockumentary will premier on October 23, 2013 on ABC1 for the Australian viewers, and November 24, 2013 on HBO in North America.

And to wet your appetite for the almost-Thanksgiving premiere:

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