At first I was skeptical. Miley was claiming she couldn’t stop but I really wanted her to. Flash-forward a few weeks and I have fully converted to Miley-ism. I’m maybe a little obsessed with Miley 2.0. I shamefully spent my Wednesday giddily excited to watch MTV’s “Miley: The Movement.” Seriously, watch it if only for the endless stream of quotable lines. She touches on important topics like the American justice system  (“We’re in 2013. I live in America where we’re the land of the free, and I feel like if you can’t express yourself, you’re not very free), her inner self (“the bad bitch I really am”), her world domination plan (“For me, the movement has to be bigger than just a record. For me, a movement represents like taking over the world.”), and meat weaponry (“I just want to go out there and shoot a hot dog gun.”). There was also a lot of “twerk,” “gettin’ turnt up,” and “dope” thrown around.

By the end of the documentary I realized the more I see it, the more want to cop Miley’s look. In a brief moment of Miley-induced insanity I considered chopping my hair. I think the girl has style and she’s a risk taker and that is something that is always to be admired.  Whatever your feelings are towards her, there’s no denying that she looks cool. I’m not suggesting we all run out and buy a latex bikini but there are some awesome ways to incorporate her aesthetic into your everyday looks.

lipstick2Get Miley’s signature red pout with the Limecrime Opaque Lipstick in Retrofuturist.



Clockwise: Married to the Mob – THe Relax Tank in Black and White; UNIF – The Cat Denim JacketJeffrey Campbell – the Kitsap Hi Boot in GreyThe Laundry Room – The Wacky Tobaccy Scalloped Cutoffs


Harlett – The Notorious Veil Beanie



Get Miley’s Baroque look with The Golden God Bomber from Civil and the Hello Love Jewelries Leggings.


This one’s pretty easy – all you need is the Drench 8Eye Boot in Matte Cherry Red from Dr. Martens.




Top to Bottom: Profound Aesthetic – the Monarchia Mastermind Hat in White; LRG – The Alohigh Raglan Sweatshirt in Black;  Jeffrey Campbell – The Exclusive Malice Shoe in Black Suede and Gold.  



Top to Bottom: MKL Collective – The Bring It Tank in SilverJeffrey Campbell – The Cura Sneaker in Glow in the Dark and Black.  


And for the signature white crop, we give you the Belladonna Top from Glamorous.