We can’t stop talking about Miss KL and Fashiolista’s Fashion Week 2014 contest and we won’t stop…until you enter. Sorry I had to go there; it was too easy. But back to the contest and what’s in store for you. We plan to swag out one lucky winner with the most bawse fashion week experience. You’ll get flown out to the fashion week of your choice and get $1000 to ball out on Sounds enticing right? Make sure to get your chance for this extravaganza and follow us on Fashiolista and scope out their contest description to learn more.

The choices of where to go for Fashion Week 2014 are overwhelming, between Milan, Paris, NY, and London. How will you decide where you go? No need to fret. We’re here to illustrate the unique fashion scenes of these cities to help you select your perfect Fashion Week location. That’s why we’ve partnered up with 4 bloggers from each of these cities, giving them a chance to showcase their FW style and city.

This week we are highlighting NY Fashion Week blogger Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters. I’m legit envious of her style; it’s the perfect mix of NY’s iconic downtown cool with some Brooklyn street edge. I’m so here for it. Not to mention she’s an absolute sweetheart in her videos. Learn even more about Jen and scope her NY influenced Miss KL selections right hurr!