The Cult of Fashion and its devotees are serious. We all remember this guy.



Yet the degree of seriousness seems to be bordering on utter ridiculousness. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion; it’s self-expressive, creative, beautiful, and an essential, lovely, even obsession-worthy part of culture. BUT I also recognize that it’s not exactly ending world hunger. It’s clothes for god’s sake, can everyone lighten up? I’m sure deep in the privacy of her own home even Anna Wintour sometimes cracks a chuckle or guffaw at some of the things she sees.

Some hard evidence:


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In reaction to the somber and holier-than-thou mentality that permeates the fashion industry, we have been graced with fashion bloggers with a sense of humor, they’re a breath of fresh air. Following in the footsteps of personable and amusing fashion bloggers like Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, I give you Katy and Katie. These two charming best friends run a Tumblr called Just the Tips, complete with Gotye-esque background. They’re “dumb enough to try anything. Smart enough to warn against it.”   They try styling tips from trendsetters like Vogue and Pinterest, usually exposing the ridiculousness of them when applied to real life and always presenting it in the form of dry, witty, charming banter. The videos are short and sweet, so check em out

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For all their episodes visit their tumblr!