Angsty teenager in you, rejoice! You can now read all the words of the inner, angsty teenager personified that is Morrissey. He just released his autobiography titled “Autobiography.” #soMorrissey


As the Moz is perpetually conflicted and confused, I am too towards him. Does he annoy me or inspire me? Is he ranting or being a prophetic voice of wisdom? Does his persona affect how much I love the Smiths, the comforting soundtrack of my adolescence? Is he really tortured or just torturing us with his complaining?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the man. He will forever be in my top favorite musicians of all time, but sometimes these questions arise. Like when I saw him in concert and he gave a 30 minute lecture on animal rights complete with graphic slideshow…..Perhaps I’ll be able to draw some conclusions after reading his tell all book.

From what’s been reported, it details a lot of what youd expect like his sexuality and falling out with Smiths bandmate Johnny Marr. But leave it to good, old Pat to keep us on our toes with unexpected stories like an attempted kidnapping in Mexico and a guest starring opportunity on Friends.

My favorite part of all of this so far? The publisher, Penguin Classic chose to put his work in their cover format reserved for classics, I’m sure you’re familiar with it from any high school English class ever. Thus creating a visual parallel between the Moz and the greatest works of Western literature like Moby Dick and Don Quixote. lol.

MorrisseyAutoBiofeat600 quixote

SO excited to get my copy of this apparent new classic.