Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) is one seriously cool chick. Her heroes range from Beyonce to Dostoevsky, and her influences go from R&B to the Middle Ages (wut..?). Her bizarre and varied inspirations show in her style. Much like her music, her style is difficult to place into just one category. I kind of feel like every street-style wannabe that waits outside Bryant Park that one week in September and the aspiring Tumblr-famous are trying to capture something of Boucher’s effortless, unique cool. She dresses in way that is weird and eye-catching but never annoyingly trying too hard. She’s probably the only person on planet earth that could pull off twinsies with 2 Chainz and werk it.


She’s so cool she makes me want to invest in chickens and a boat. Maybe some context is necessary for that statement. In 2009, Boucher and her then-boyfriend made a 20-foot houseboat that they dubbed the “Velvet Glove Cast in Iron” and planned to sail it down the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans. On board, they had chickens, a typewriter, 20 pounds of potatoes and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  You know, the essentials. Unfortunately the chickens got sick and a lack of regard for boating rules ended their adventure, but hey it was a cool idea. The kinda cool idea that only the wonderful Grimes would have and yet another example of why she’s totally badass.

Claire-Boucher-Grimes-style   tumblr_m95w32tnHn1r9kpfmo1_1280 tumblr_muae0fquwa1rjgg02o1_500grimes-v-magazinechanelboucher

Sadly, Grimes is keeping us all hanging and won’t say when the next album is coming out. But for now we can continue to enjoy Visions and Pitchfork’s 2012 Best Song of the Year.

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