Bad Gal RyRy, also known as Ryan Hemsworth aka Halifax dreamboat producer x dj is currently on tour with our Monday Mixdown featured artist: Cyril Hahn. His debut LP: “Guilt Trips” comes out in a week & you can listen to the divine single Against A Wall with vocals from the buzz worthy Lofty 305.

Thanks to both internet + the Matrix known as real life I got to ask bb Ryan a few questions.

Take a peek at the source code.




1.) RL Grime was your tour-mate this past summer + I assume y’all shared many a glass of orange Gatorade. If you had to write his Christian Mingle profile what would it say?

Henry is a widowed, but nonetheless, red-blooded American who loves his three male children and the memory of his now-deceased — but never forgotten — wife. He’s dedicated but he’ll be the first to joke around and tell you that he works for the weekend. He loves a good college football game with a 6-pack of Bud Light Lime cooling in the fridge. When he’s not making the bass drop in Las Vegas, you can find him on the beach, catching the early waves and hanging ten. Horror movies are his guilty pleasure, but sometimes it’s just an excuse to get a good cuddle in. Henry may already love USA more than himself, but he still has a little room left for that special raver angel who’s ready to share their kandi with him.

2.) You can be spotted nonchalantly ordering drinks at your shows- therefore fans have the opportunity to interact with you IRL. Have you received any zany gifts or had any bizarre interactions that you can share?
Montreal: A girl gave me a packet of peanut butter and a printed photo of Lil B.
Vancouver: A guy gave me an Xbox 360 in a shoebox so I could play the new Grand Theft Auto.
Boston: A guy gave me a tiny USB stick/necklace that, besides having two of his songs on it, holds 64gb.
New York: Wil Fry gave me a sweater.
3.) Another tweet another $. Imagine a twitterverse w/o @lilbthebasedgod’s insight, @zomby’s stream of conciousness + @kanyewest’s rants. Would that mean we have to go outside? Who is one of your favorite accounts?
That’s a scary twitterverse to imagine. We need the crazies. I think @Groundislava or @TONYHAWKPRODJ are my favorite twitters. THPDJ is a hybrid of DJ and Skateboarding hijinx; the terms from both worlds being smushed together is great. And Groundislava is just the silliest goofball ever, he speaks his own language practically.

4.) Name something on your non-DJ bucket list that you’d like to check off within the next year