Tread lightly, because these shoes are not for the faint of feet. One of my favorite things about winter is how I can finally break out my staple Litas and suede platforms for nights out on the town. Personally, I love to push the boundaries and stick out when everyone retreats to their riding boots or -gasp- Uggs. To be honest, I wore a pair of sky-high wedges on New Year’s Eve last year and had to be carried into the house (not only because of the x bottles of Andre that may or may not have already been in my system but) because of the salty/icy driveway that I refused to let rain on my party feet/dress/dignity.

The reason being, in a season where layers are a fashionista’s best friend, having a statement shoe to top off your evening ensemble is key. I’m a shameless owner of a seriously extensive shoe collection and the new drops from Jeffrey Campbell on MissKL are to die for. Which I would. Probably.


 The OQuinn Shoe in Black


Channel edgy prep with one of my favorites of the season. The OQuinn Shoe kills it when it comes to functionality–these platforms have treads and a stacked heel, which make this shoe a great transition day-to-night shoe if you’re like me and find yourself running from class/work to the bar. Besides–patent leather is always sure to make a statement.


The Lita Strap in Black and Silver

jc strap lita

The Lita will always be a closet staple. Since I stand at 5 foot 2 on a good posture day, when I find a light, comfortable sky-high platform, I have to restrain myself from buying a pair in every color. These are great, since JC has taken the most staple of staples, the black Lita, and crust punked it out with layers on layers of spiked and studded boot straps. Ugh, shoegasm.

The Heart Shoe in Black Suede

jc heart

Leave it to Jeffrey Campbell to take a timeless shoe and make it badass for all you MissKL heartbreakers out there. These shoes rock a serious platform but with the sweet mary jane ankle strap, resulting in a perfect juxtaposition of sass and elegance.

The Mega Platform Shoe in Black

jc mega

 In other words, Fifty Shades of The Mega Platform Shoe. These seriously daring kicks are not for the faint of feet. While it’s up to you whether or not you choose to embrace your inner dominatrix chic, these shoes can truly transform a typical winter outfit into a fashionista’s lust. I would pair these with an oversized chunky knit sweater and black liquid leggings, thus putting emphasis on these heavenly heels. When you’re rockin’ shoes this fabulous, there’s no need for the rest of your outfit to compete.