“Bury me in my leather jacket” reads Sid Vicious’ suicide note. While generally I wouldn’t compare myself to the punk legend, the importance of a leather jacket is a point we could have seriously bonded over. While some think of the transition into fall as “sweater weather,” I think of it as “thank God I can reunite with my dearly missed leather jacket” weather.  The past few years they have shown up in nearly all collections and are being sold at nearly every retailer, from Fendi to Forever21. I’m going to go ahead and say they are a new wardrobe staple, joining the ranks of the LBD, a good pair of dark wash jeans, and a pair of everyday ballet flats.

My love affair with leather jackets started a few years back with a lightweight black motorcycle style one. I’m not kidding, the purchase of that jacket will go down as a defining moment of my personal style. Since then I’ve acquired a handful more ranging from a bright white one with white spikes on the shoulders to a 1960s men’s collar-less moto jacket that weighs probably close to 10 pounds that I bought in the Czech Republic.  Yes, I buy them as souvenirs…I would recommend a black motorcycle style one for a first purchase because they are so versatile, you can add it to virtually any outfit. But there’s so many on the market right now you can get some that are anything but basic like the UNIF Noway Moto Jacket.




A basic tee and jeans is instantly elevated to effortless cool worthy of a street style blog with a leather jacket. Another way I like to wear one is with a super girly outfit. A feminine frock paired with the more edgy look of a leather jacket creates a nice juxtaposition that will always be cool in my book. Another bonus is that it keeps you from looking like an 8 year old if your dress is over the top with girly cuteness. Lastly, leather jackets are great for mixing up formal wear. Formal wear can have a tendency to look more mature but with the right outerwear you can keep it young and fresh.

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The leather jacket is going nowhere. I promise. So go get yourself one! Or if you’re not new to the leather jacket fan club, I can speak from experience that you can never have too many.


Obey – Sweet Revenge Jacket in Floral


Obey – The Jealous Lover Jacket in Vintage Goat Black