I really could not be more stoked to see Miss KL now carrying Boy London. It has recently become uber cool, but this is not the first time Boy London has seen fame and international popularity.  Save yourself the embarrassment of being clueless when someone’s dad tells you he had the exact same shirt in the 80′s and begins to wax poetic on his lost, rebellious youth. Educate yourself! I’ve got you covered on enough of the brand’s history to keep up in any conversation.


London, 1970s- Punk is still alive ( no, not the MET Gala version) and Stephane Raynor sets up a stall called Acme Attractions, on the King’s Road, the center of the punk universe. Soon enough he catches the eye of total legends like Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders fame. Their pop-up shop becomes a cultural hub that spawns into the famous Roxy nightclub.  By ’76, Raynor began to turn his focus from Roxy to Boy and attains status of punk staple, outfitting the likes of the Sex Pistols.

London, 1980s- In this decade the brand moves out of strictly the punk scene (because RIP punk) to full-blown, mainstream, international fame. Raynor managed to stay on the cutting edge of cool and had friends like Boy George (how convenient all the clothes say his name) and Princess Julia sport his clothes. He also threw the sickest parties in London as his pseudo-fashion shows. Always in vogue- he incorporated the aesthetic of 80’s Ibiza club culture into his look and the brand hit crazy popularity. In fact, it was so crazy that it was knocked-off so often that he lost his grip on the brand. Hey, as they say all good things must come to an end.


Wherever you are, 2013- Ha! No they don’t. Boy London has not seen it’s last days of cultural relevance yet. Not even close. Raynor first teamed with Urban Outfitters to relaunch the brand and now it’s back on its feet, cool as ever. Celebrities like Rihanna, Jessie J, and Chloe Sevigny all rep the infamous “BOY” frequently.

chloe-sevigny-wearing-black rihanna-jonathan-ross-show-london-1caraboy



And it actually doesn’t get better than Andy Warhol.


So there you have it. Boy London made a crazy journey from the grimy streets of punk London, to the insane Ibiza club scene, and now at long last to Miss KL. Lucky you!


Boy Eagle Sweatshirt in White


Boy Eagle Tee in White


 Boy London Crop Top with Gold Foil


 Boy London Tee in Black