There’s a lot of titles to describe Rashida Jones. Off the top of my head there’s actress, on-screen depiction of the best BFF ever, producer, Harvard grad, and friend to Tupac…? Yep.

As expected, this unlikely friendship bloomed under unlikely circumstances. In 1993, the rapper called out Quincy Jones (Rashida’s dad. Ya, I didn’t know either) for having a relationship with a white woman and making “f*cked up kids”. A spirited, 17 year old Rashida responded in a very strongly worded, very public letter. She wrote a stinging piece that was published in The Source, stating Tupac was “demeaning the whole progress of African Americans”. She goes on to describe him as stupid, ignorant, vindictive, and self-absorbed.

You’d think young Rashida was on her way to being second to Biggie on Tupac’s list of enemies. BUT, somewhere along the line he met her sister Kidada, found himself as her boyfriend, and managed to smooth things over with the fam, becoming a valued friend to them all. Wow, there really are happy endings. Open letter, feuding enemies like Miley and Sinead could really take a note from Mr. Shakur on conflict resolution.





The moral of the story? If you have an eye for a celeb, have a sibling write scathing, public hate mail. Let me know how it goes, I wish all the happiness.