As a native east coaster (born + raised in New York, moved to Boston when I was 18), it doesn’t pain me too much (or at all) to admit that I’m guilty of the all-black look.  Many a’ morning I’ve woken up to cold dreary days and began to assemble my outfit to match the dark day.  Typically beginning with black bottoms, I usually try on one to 100 different shirts of all different patterns, cuts, and colorways until I settle on on a black shirt to compliment the black on my lower half.

“I’ll just wear colored shoes,” I think as I ruffle through my collection of platforms, wedges, sneakers – you name it – but each shoe of color tends to look strange, so I just opt for a pair of black boots.

“I’ll just wear a lot of jewelry to offset the black,” I then think, trying to compensate for the fact that I look like I’m about to attend a funeral.

About 7-10 pieces of gold jewelry, a peacoat, and a black scarf, beanie, and pair of gloves later, I look like I’ve walked straight out of a 90′s Versace ad, and honestly, I’m not sorry.  Pair the look with the east coast “GTFO of my way” attitude for optimal results.

If you’ve never tried the murdered-out look, I have to say that you are missing out.  Black, first and foremost, is slimming, and all those rappers wouldn’t be rapping about “all black everything” if it wasn’t really a thing, right?

Black just works, it looks great on everyone.  So for those of you wary to try my unintentionally goth look, I give you some inspiration.  Enjoy, and stop smiling (just kidding!).


johnkate leather1 leather3

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