For years I have contemplated getting my cartilage pierced, however I always seem to back out at the last minute. What can I say: I’m afraid of needles and we’ve all heard a cartilage infection horror story or two. That being said, the emergence of the ear cuff was a true joy. You get the same offbeat, edgy look totally risk-free! I bought my first cuff over the summer and to be honest I thought they were going to be a fleeting trend. However, I also thought skinny jeans were going to be a passing trend so let’s ignore my amateur predictions, the ear cuff is here to stay.

A new type of jewelry is actually kind of a big deal. How often are we offered something other than necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings? Basically never. But with new styles comes new rules. The rule of thumb I generally like to stick to with ear cuffs is similar to how you approach a statement necklace. The ear cuff is usually a large statement in and of itself so it’s best to keep the rest of the accessories at a minimum; let the cuff be the center of attention. It’s refreshing to have statement jewelry on your ears.

I never wear statement earrings because statement earrings equal large earrings, which equals taking them out and dealing with throbbing lobes for hours to come. But with cuffs you can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s similar to wearing a pair of studs because they attach onto your cartilage, balancing out the weight.

I also generally keep my hair up or pushed back, there’s no point in wearing one if your hair covers it. These guys are a totally on point way to add some interest and drama to your look.


The Saint Servant Earcuff cuff4

 The Invasive Dreams Earcuff

These gem stone beauties are so versatile. They look great for a night out with a killer pair of heels and simple dress. My favorite way to wear them though is with a super basic outfit of a shirt and jeans. They add an element of sophistication and elevate your whole look from drab to stylish. I especially like the black and white ones; they’re the perfect extension of your best monochromatic look.



 Zigzag Earcuff



The Hear Luv Earcuff


These two gold pairs are a little more everyday. They are simple enough to be incorporated into virtually any casual outfit, yet they retain their edgy cool. They’re essentially Mohawks for your ears and that’s something I’ll never say no to.