I’m noticing more and more ankles these days, and that probably has something to do with the socks that festoon them. Every time I climb the subway stairs out of Arlington station on my way to work (at Karmaloop), there is a very well dressed gentleman that gets out of the train with me, and I usually end up walking behind him on the stairs. And every day I get excited to see his ankles. Weird, I know but they peek out of his well tailored trousers and are always covered with the prettiest, most interesting albeit cool socks I have ever seen. I’ve caught a glimpse of paisleys, polka-dots, stripes and all manner of whimsical patterns. The fact that this guy thinks carefully about his entire look every morning makes me think he is a considerate man who does’t want to bore passers by with pedestrian foot/ankle wear. What a nice guy. You can also thank stars like Pharrell, and T.I. for keeping this trend fresh.


So where do you procure such fantastical socks so that you won’t bore the nice people who are forced to watch your feet on a daily basis? Why obviously Karmaloop and Miss KL carry a plethora of toe-cappers to keep your toes on their toes. Also, some of the best styles are technically for men, but who say’s ¬†you can’t snag ‘em for yourself. Certainly not me.


A. The Happy Socks Paisley Socks in Green, B. The K. Bell Bleeping Word Socks in Black, C. The Akomplice Magic Socks in White & Blue, D. The K. Bell Wrestling Guys Socks in Yellow & Royal, E. The *MKL Accessories Ice Cream Ankle Socks, F. The Happy Socks Triangle Socks in Orange & Black, G. The HUF Can Crew Socks in Green, H. The Obey Anza Borrego Socks in Sudan Brown, I. The Stance Waipio Socks in White, J. The Stance Warrior Socks, K. The UNIF Focks Socks in Black.

Signing off.