Let’s face it, weird is the new cool. For all those odd balls out there, Happy Friday you wonderfully rare specimens. Let us take this long awaited Friday to give a salute (I tip my hat) to some of our favorite most unique and ingenious artists.


Cindy Sherman is the queen of weird conceptual portraits. We love how she transforms herself into different personas while never compromising the WTF factor.


Ah yes, Makoto Aida. How can we not acknowledge your amazingly sinister use of violent and sexual imagery as you so beautifully sugar coated it with the juvenile qualities of manga art.


Tim Burton, yes fine we will give you cred because who else made “weird” acceptable to the masses but you? “I, myself, am strange and usual” -Lydia Deetz


Vik Muniz, anyone who can make masterful pieces of art out of regular everyday shit is weird to me. #respect


This shout out goes to the entire avant-garde art house film genre! #Sweetmovie