The California-based designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy behind Rodarte killed it on Tuesday at New York Fashion Week, bringing the fierce downtown Los Angeles style to uptown New York with the spring accompaniment to their fall “Northern California” collection. Plaid silk blouses, highest-cut hot pants, fringe, and bra tops enable these spring ready-to-wear pieces to stand out among the rest, turning urban streetwear influences into high-end fashion.

The Rodarte masterminds concoct daring ensembles of luxury fabrics, prints, and textures, exporting ideal pieces for the offbeat wardrobes of style icons such as Miley Cyrus or Rihanna. While Rodarte seemingly balances out their bold collection with peachy lips, natural brows, and classic cat-eye liner, it was the memorable zebra-print hair extensions that caught my eye. What may seem shockingly similar to the cringeworthy days of scene girl ‘coontails a la Hot Topic, these extensions give their tamer looks that edgy pop. In addition, the padlock-charmed jewelry, thick studded belts, and mixed leather booties with animal print details truly bring to life the fashionistas of Melrose Avenue and the rockstars of Sunset Blvd.