Sunny September is here & so is your autumn astrological forecast! I hope your August went swimmingly, check back to reminisce & see if my outlook for you was accurate.

Virgo season is here (happy birthday y’all) which means we will want to pay more attention to detail. Our focuses will vary depending on your sign, so without further ado let’s get streamlining!


♍ Virgo: Your solar year is just getting started, dear Virgo. Especially when the new moon on the 5th of September energizes your 1st house of self. How can you realize your potential to be the best you can be? Release your signature meticulous energy towards what will make YOU happy. The planet of action Mars is moving through your 12th house, so what you work on now may occur behind the scenes. However, it won’t be long until the spotlight shines in your beautiful direction. Make sure you spend the first half of the month acting a wee bit selfish. Here’s why: the full moon in Pisces & your relationship sector on September 19th will bring up an important decision (a likely positive one) with a business partner or someone you’re dating. If you happen to be single Venus moving through Scorpio & your third house of communication could bring a connection with a kindred spirit, get socializing!

♎ Libra: You Libras can be the sweetest most considerate in all of the zodiac, thanks to your ruler-ship by the weighing Scales. This month (the period before your birthday debut) you finally have a chance to relax & register all of the pressures you have been under. Now is the time to begin working on your master plan. The fresh start begins on the 5th, with a new moon in your 12th house of subconscious. This may be a day of reckoning for you, take time to review what you’ve done so that you can decide where to go! The full moon on the 19th will bring a health matter to the forefront; especially if it has not been addressed. Be certain to splurge on spa & plentiful bouts of time spent in nature earlier in September. By the end of the month Venus & Jupiter wink at each other in your 2nd house of possessions/earned income & this could signal good news for your career!

♏ Scorpio: Scorpios are ruthless when it comes to all aspects of existence & this month your career will be at the top of your things to tackle. The planet of drive & determination: Mars, has just begun to move through Leo & your 10th house of social status- propelling your prestige in your industry. More joyous news comes when one of your ruling planets, Pluto, quits being retrograde & finally turns direct. You’ll feel the change in energy immediately when petty delays & lack of inspiration no longer plague you. The new moon in your 11th house of friendships will aid you in an exceptional fashion; be sure to curb your private/shy ways & put yourself out there. You know what magnetism you’re capable of, especially with Venus visiting your ultra alluring 1st house! The full moon will bring a creative endeavor to light along with wonderful aspects for your romantic life. The month ahead looks glorious, Scorpion!

♐ Sagittarius: Miss Archer, your usual m.o. is setting that bow & arrow of yours onwards and upwards, which a lot of the time includes boat loads of traveling. This month, however, with such positive aspects in your career, you may decide to keep the wanderlust at bay for the first two weeks of the month. Jupiter, your astrological ruler is currently in Cancer & your 8th house of shared resources & the expansive planet will be harmonious to the Virgo new moon; impacting the professional side of your chart. This would be an ideal time to negotiate for a new position or an increase in salary. After you take care of business, Uranus, the planet of surprise will make the weekend of the 13th an ideal time to jet set near or far. Home is where the heart is & real estate or family matters may be on your mind come the full moon of the 19th in Pisces (your 4th house of domesticity). Throw a housewarming party, finalize the deal on that new apartment, or spend quality time with loved ones.


♑ Capricorn: Dear Capricorn, you are on a voyage of discovery this month with so much Virgo influence, affecting your 9th house of philosophy & psychology. You will have the chance to expand your inner & outer life with travel & interaction with individuals of different cultures. Come the new moon the first week of the month, the opportunity for a business or romantic venture involving travel could arise, go for it! With Mars in Leo marching through your 8th house of shared resources, money will fast be leaving your pockets & bank account. However, the weekend of the 13th could bring surprisingly positive news on this matter. When the moon illuminates fully on the 19th in your 3rd house of communication, you may want to focus on a special someone. We cannot give to others if we are not whole ourselves, good thing Pluto ends its retrograde in your sign the next day, paving the way for an uptake in health & security.

♒ Aquarius: Hello, dear Water-bearer! As accustomed as you are to being Miss Independent, with the planet of passion Mars in Leo & your 7th house of partnerships, duality will be on the brain.  The Virgo new moon could make things official, but possibly not without some fiery words. Take heed to listen to your significant other whether business oriented or pleasure, & you will be richly rewarded. The second weekend of the month Uranus will bring the element of the least expected (your favorite thing) into your world! The full moon in your 2nd house of possessions & debt will guarantee that money matters are on your mind this month. Can you think of ways to increase your salary at your day job or even while you’re at home being your creative, visionary self? Now would be the most opportune time to discuss a promotion or look for greener pastures.

♓ Pisces: One is the loneliest number Pisces, & though you can be perfectly content swimming in the sea of your vast subconscious, this month you’ll feel gleeful spending copious amounts of time with that special someone. Jupiter has been in Cancer & your 5th house of love & creativity for 2 months & has 10 months to go. How marvelous for you, dear Fishies! The first weekend of the month would be astrologically sound for an original presentation you’ve been meaning to give the green light, or even a superbly romantic dinner with your boo. There is a lot of hard work for you & the 11 other signs to do this month, so don’t fret if you happen to be logging in extra hours at the 9-5, at least think of the overtime $$$ that will come with it. With Venus in fellow compatible water sign Scorpio for most of the month, travel will put you in high spirits. The full moon in your sign on the 19th will bring something very favorable to conclusion.

♈ Aries:  Miss Ram, you are the pioneer of the zodiac, & this month your natural ability to face things head on will be a valuable asset. The Virgo new moon on the 5th of September falls in your uber efficient 6th house of daily dealings, a super appropriate time to tend to the details of the many projects you no doubt have on your plate. If anyone can easily juggle & even thrive in both their career & health, it’s you. The first week of the month would also be favorable in beginning a new diet or workout regime. A Uranus-Mars trine on the 14th could bring a sudden but necessary change regarding your love life or financially speaking. The full moon in Pisces on the 19th in the last house of your chart will prove that even a restless Aries needs relaxation! You may seek closure in a spiritual way regarding a particular matter close to your heart.


♉ Taurus: Lucky you, Taurus babe! A highly invigorating new moon in your 5th house of pleasure will enrich your life in more ways than one. Summer lovin’ isn’t quite over yet, in fact it may be just the beginning! Single & ready to mingle? This new moon on the 5th will be the most auspicious time of the entire year to find a worthy mate for the long haul. Mars will be linking up with your 4th house of comforts this month, a little more dedicated nurturing of the self could be on the menu. Two weeks later when the moon completes its cycle in Pisces & your 11th house of friendships- expect to attend a lovely event that could involve some networking! Venus, your ruler is in Scorpio & your 7th house of partnerships which albeit guarantees an increase in personal well being. The quality of your relationships is given the opportunity to grow this month, get ready!

♊ Gemini: Bonjour, mademoiselle Gemini! Much of the emphasis this month will be on your home or a family member, with the sun & new moon in your domestic sector. Have you been thinking about renovation or moving into a new place? Maybe you will decide to throw an end of summer, beginning of autumn bash that will surely let the good times roll. If you need to get away the first weekend of the month is promising for business ventures. Come the precious full moon in your 10th house of social status & prestige (Pisces) on the 19th, your career aspects will glow! This could be the moment you hear back about a welcome new position, direction, or bonus. Pluto turns direct the next day in Capricorn, your 8th house of regeneration, which signals that in order for the fresh and new to enter, you may have to leave a situation behind. Transformation is due to come your way!

♋ Cancer: Hi there, delightful Cancer! Guess what you’re due for the first week of September: a short trip! How blissful! With the Virgo new moon governing your third house this would be an ideal time to visit a nearby friend, family member, or beau. We know about the homebody inclination of  Cancers, but crabs also get the urge to find new shells (if only for a weekend)! This house also rules communication, so plan to use your practical sensibility in a written & verbal way to get ahead this month. Sublime vibes occur on the 19th with the full moon in Pisces & your philosophy/venture sector. A matter involving school or travel could be resolved, & even a deeply held wish could come true! Venus will tour your house of romance, adding spice to a current alliance or increasing the chances for singles to meet someone worthy.  Hit the thrift shop this month where you’ll be sure to find pieces that will add to your charm.  The 26th is a ***** star day for you, what better way to end the month & start a new season!

♌ Leo: Leo, you are accustomed to being first & this month it’s no different. Mars is in your sign which only happens once every 2 years or so. The God of War & planet of action encourage you to be your best (or better), & to face life’s challenges with courage & honor. This may sound a little dramatic to other signs but not to you. What or who is it that you NEED to attain at your job, romantically, & creatively? Make a list & assert yourself. While this planet is on your side it won’t take much pushing or prodding. On the weekend of Friday the 13th the planet of shock will delight you with news concerning education, travel, money- or the trifecta!  Keep an eye on the 20th- Pluto turns direct & there will be a collective sigh of relief. Health & everyday work projects will improve significantly. Wonderful Lion this is a grand month for you. Venus, the planet of beauty, tours your home division all month. Get decorating & when you finish throw a bash on the 26th to celebrate!