We officially said byebye to summer yesterday, and I for one am pretty excited for the fall.  Let’s talk about one of the trends that completely blew up this season and is continuing into the next: Jerseys!   We had so many come through from so many different brands that all put their own spin on them, and I was not at all mad about that.


Whether you choose to dress yours up with a blazer, single strap heels and a clutch in hand or keep it super laid back with sweats and sneakers, a jersey is the ultimate piece to add to your closet.  For this look I chose to keep it street and sporty because as much as I dig the look of dressing a jersey up, comfort is a huge priority of mine, as I know it is for a lot of you gals out there.



I tied this denim-blocked buttondown around the waist because not only do I love the look of denim with pretty much anything, but it breaks through the monotony of the color scheme without being TOO wacky.


I was never partial to the whole sneaker wedge deal and definitely never thought I would ever own a pair, but that all changed when I laid eyes on these Adidas wedges.   They’re just so classic and cool (for lack of a better word) and I couldn’t resist snagging a pair for myself.


Forget your flashy Michael Kors watches, Nixon is where it’s at. Simple, classic, tough yet elegant. And they go with anything and everything.


The Bring It Tank
The Patchwork Denim Buttondown
The Made It Pant
The Basket Profi Sneaker
The Kensington Watch


Photos by: Steve Pugliese
Model: Ruthie Hanan
Styling: YeJin Chong
Make up: Debi Phetchanpheng