Remember when you were in grade school and the end of August was like an all too quick death march towards September and the back to school reality. That was a bummer huh? But wait! There was a silver lining, and that was the inevitable back to school shopping that went hand and hand with fresh pencils and Trapper Keepers. The thing that kept you going, was knowing that you were about to score some brand new SHOES. Whether you were a Vans girl, a pumped up kicks lady or a Jellies type of woman, the smell of fresh rubber soles really got you fired up. And honestly, though I have been out of the schooling system for some 4 years, something about the hallmark September weather still makes me want to grab some disposable nylon socks and try for a shoe-gasm.

pile-of-shoes (1)

Here at Miss KL we pride ourselves on our vast and eclectic array of  signature shoes. Check out some of the styles we think are the most suited for back to school in our current socioshoe-ganomic climate.


A. The Ash Shoes Body Sneaker in Black Vintage Metal, B. The Puma My-66 Sneaker in Navy and White, C. The New Balance 574 Classic Sneaker in White, Orange and Pink Neon, D. The Adidas Court Attitude Sneaker in Blaze Pink Multi, E. The Jeffrey Campbell HOMB Sunflower Platform Sneaker, F. The Vans Footwear Sk8-Hi Slim Sneaker in (Inca) Monks Robe in Magenta.

That’s just a taste so check out the rest of the best at our carefully curated shoe boutique!