Welcome to 2013 – We’ve lived past the “apocalypse,” ¬†Kanye West and Kim are still going strong, and you’ve finally joined that yoga class you’ve been putting off for years! People who’ve experienced these life changing moments can certainly agree that there’s so many different things that we can all relate to. So here’s 5 things girls in 2013 just might be able to relate to!

1. The anxiety you get when your phone has died while you’re out. Soooo out of touch from the world…so alone. You MUST know what everyone is posting on Instagram!


2. Rolling your eyes when you hear that Taylor Swift has yet another boyfriend who she’ll probably break up with in a week, then write an angsty girl-power song about the relationship.

rolls eyes

3. Your new found obsession with all different types of wine!


4. The fact that you talk about how much you miss Sex in the City even though you’ve probably only seen the show maybe twice.


5. Or maybe the fact that you feel SO excited every time you hear Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up, because there’s a 1 in a million chance that you just MIGHT mary him!!!

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