Do me a favor, seriously count up the hours per week you spend on Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, Twitter, Myspace (that’s still a thing right) and come up with a total number. And be honest with yourself. Ok, are you shocked, horrified, suicidal!?! Well don’t be, cuz who cares. But seriously, it’s probably more than you’d like to admit. And the major problem is that it’s not just one week out of 52, it’s probably all the weeks, or at least most of them. So how do fix this? You decide to cut back, make a concerned effort to spend less time giving your fingers and selfie-fish faces a workout, and unplug for a while. So now what do you do to fill the giant, gaping, world wide webbed size of a hole in your life? Here are some novel ideas:

 1. Go Camping


Imagine how much fun you have on a night out with your friends. Now imagine that you are all hanging out by a campfire, roasting marshmallows, slugging whisky, playing guitar and nobody has to pay tips to a bartender, search for a place to drink in high-heels or drunkenly find a cab home. Camping is the ultimate awesome friend-time hang out session. You just have to be willing to perhaps get out of the range of cell phone towers and put down the ol’ I-brick long enough to make some memories. Also, the activities that often go hand-in-hand with camping are equally awesome; hiking, swimming, canoeing, scrabble etc. Plus you can do all of these while drinking cheap beer and not showering.

2. Art Projects


Remember when you paid for art school, had an interest in non-Instagram related photography, took a screen-printing class…. well that was pretty freaking rad! Remember high-school when you were passionate about making clothes, writing poetry and painting large-scale murals in your childhood bedroom? Well now you’re at least nearing adulthood and  you’ve probably let these passions slide by the wayside. And if you haven’t, well good for freaking you. You deserve a medal, or a cookie or a certificate or something. But for the rest of us, maybe it’s time we re-entered our creative selves and started an art-project of some kind. The cool thing is, now you can make these art projects relevant to your life. You could find a beat up old coffee table and refinish and paint it. You could go thrift shopping and pick up a dress with cool fabric that is just waiting to be re-imagined and worn out to da club (or something). It’s important to keep having creative aspirations, and not solely because you want to post photos about how cool you are on the interwebs.

3. Make your apartment/house look sweet!


So you actually have an apartment and your parents don’t live with you and all that jazz. Great. But not so great if it’s a grimy dungeonous hole with sticky floors, dander-covered furniture and maaad critters yo. So take a moment, assess what needs band-aids, and in the immortal words of Kenan Thompson as Oscar Rogers Financial Consultant, FIX IT! This  may include things like; painting the walls, dusting, throwing away hoarder-esque paraphernalia, doing your dishes, figuring out what Ajax is used for and hanging some cool art on the wall. Perhaps some cool art that you just created during self-discovery craft-hour.

4. Squat Thrusts

richard simmons

Ok, maybe not necessarily squat thrusts, but get off  your lazy rump and shake a tail feather or something. Food for thought; kick-boxing, yoga, Pilates, hiking, mountain biking, running, rock-climbing, Frisbee, soccer, dodge-ball, all night dance-a-thon, ballet, SEX. Need I say more. Believe it or not, that tight bod of yours isn’t gonna stay like that forever. Especially if you’re on a steady diet of Popeyes, Ramen and whatever your boyfriend brings home from work, which let’s face it, is almost certainly pizza. So stock up on some sweatbands and get out there!

5. Actually Interact with your Friends. Like, face to face (not face to Facebook)


You like  your friends. Your friends like you. Why not actually spend time with them rather then trolling their pages, tweeting at them or commenting on their wall posts. It’s easy to figure out the difference between real friends, Facebook “friends” and followers. Here’s a sure-fire trick. Would you actually call them up and ask them to  hang out? Like, on the telefono? Yes? OK, DO IT! What do I do with my friends you ask. Well, luckily all of the activities I mentioned above are made even more super when you do them with a buddy, an amigo, a true blue, a pal. Capiche?

Also, This Guy:


Enough said.

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