Labor Day is just a few days away. This not only means that you get to celebrate the important economic and social contributions of workers, (Wikipedia’s words; I’m not precocious I swear) it also basically means the end of summer. Whether you’re going back to school or not, September is technically a fall season and that fact may be hard for some of you to deal with. But rather than mourn the passing of the sunbathing season, why not take the chance to celebrate the good times you had together this Labor Day. Here are a few ideas we had for making the most of your Labor Day and saying farewell to summer.


Spend as much time as possible in your bikini-

Because it’ll be a while until it’s warm enough to sunbathe again. Take rocking your swimwear out of a poolside context and think of ways to wear it on the streets or at a party. Think this method of celebrating too extreme? Well, if Spring Breaker’s taught us anything, it is that it’s possible to wear your bikini anywhere and for seriously long and uncomfortable periods of time.


Make sure to celebrate outside-

There’s a reason Labor Day is usually so picnic and barbecue friendly. Get outside and soak up the sun rays until it’s too cold to do so. Find ways to celebrate with your friends and family that are particularly outdoorsy; go to a park, on a hike, ride bikes or go to the beach!

fall fashion

Online shop for Fall clothing-

This always makes me feel better. Even if my woes are in no way retail related. Browse pictures of cute sweaters and boots or check out street style websites for fun fall outfit ideas. In no time you will be rearing for the cooler weather to begin! Karmaloop has plenty of hats, sweaters and boots to prepare you for the upcoming cold months. Just remember to shop responsibly because being broke is an agony that even online shopping cannot fix.

 So enjoy this Labor Day and the dwindling days of summer!