When you ask the ladies of Floss Gloss to create a nail tutorial, they really go all out! Using Floss Gloss colors found on Karmaloop, these talented females created rad nail art inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Killer, right? These HBIC’s give us the heads-up behind this playful nail art! Try it out for yourself!

“I was racking my brain about a tutorial for 90s TV, but when I got going I just decided that I’d rather do a bangin manicure that may not be achievable, than something simple. I was inspired by the classic Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I was deciding between Saved by the Bell and FP. 

The iconic opening rap scene of Fresh Prince is what my nail art was inspired by.  The illustrative graffiti backdrop behind the ‘mother’ figure always caught my attention.

I used ~ ‘Pony’ as the base, ‘Fastlane’, ‘Bikini Coral’, ‘Glowstar’, ‘Perf’, ‘Wavepool’, and ‘Con Limon’.  To achieve this look I used Pony as my base, Perf on my thumbs for contrast + I used Glowstar to block out shapes.  I then use a bright contrasting color to create the elements and detail/outline with a fine black/dark colored nail art striper.”



Nail Art ~ Janine Lee aka @fgboss / Images Aretha Sack aka @ponymaane for @flossgloss