The year is more than half over (what?) & there is no greater time than the present to reflect & prepare for the glorious future.

Check your horoscope for this last month of summer time fun & catch a glimpse into what the universe has in store for you. Remember, all is not set in stone. You control your own destiny, but it’s nice to have fair warning. Read for your sun & your rising sign if you know it. These horoscopes are gender neutral so take a peek at what your crush might be going through.

This is the first segment of what we hope to be monthly additions & what better way than to start with royalty incarnate & birthday beauty, Leo!


♌ Leo: The sun will be stationed in your sign for the majority of the month, which will add to your already abundant personal magnetism. Get ready for an excess in parties, bbq’s, beach hangs, & more! The new moon in Leo follows suit on the 6th, get ready to take some time to reflect on your personal goals + wishes for the next half year. Jupiter has been in the sign of Cancer & your secretive 12th house for a month now. He will remain there until July 2014, urging you to commit to serious soul searching + bad habit releasing. Pressures from work, health, & general anxiety can plague you this month; the lesson is to release control! The full & blue moon in the sign of Aquarius on the 20th impacts your 7th house of partnerships, which could take a business or love relationship to the official level. Join forces if you’re feeling the posi vibes! Two days later the sun moves into your 2nd house of $$$ (Virgo) bringing practical matters to the forefront. Time to get meticulous about your regal cash flow, you Lioness!

♍ Virgo: The month starts off with the love planet Venus having been in your sign for a solid week, which will last until August 16th. Letting someone enter the realm of you discriminating darlings means serious business. There are so many frogs out there you will settle for no less than a prince (Harry is still available)! If you’re feeling extra critical take a step back to restructure the minutia of your own existence in order to attract the love you seek. Now is the perfect time for you to chill out & restore yourself as the sun is visiting your 12th house of subconscious until the 22nd. Use the first three weeks of this month to organize (your favorite thing) and by the time birthday season comes around there will be no end to the fun! Meanwhile the expansive planet of Jupiter has been hanging out in your 11th house of friendships for a month now, sounds like it’s time to focus on the power of strengthening individuality through the collective.

♎ Libra: Get ready for a stellar month in regards to your career, Libra babe. With Mars and Jupiter hanging out in Cancer and your 10th house of social status there’s no doubt a ladder or two will be climbed. Success is guaranteed; whether you need to sell a pitch, launch a new project, or ask for a raise. With the new moon in Leo activating the community oriented arena of your chart, you may start a collaboration that leads to newfound fame! Partnership is always on your mind, so how is love this month? Well, be on the watch for reckless actions or words on your part, especially with the jolt Uranus will send the second weekend of August. Your magical qualities will return when Venus enters Libra on the 16th, maybe you’ll want to add some dazzling new pieces to your wardrobe. Alas, sweet surrender occurs on the blue moon in your 5th house of romance this month. Yummy!

♏ Scorpio: Never forget that the silent Scorpio has plenty of professional ambition, and with the sun shining his rays on this part of your chart your beach days will involve a lot more work than obtaining the perfect tan. When the all-important new moon hits the scene on the 6th, it’s time to dream big and make your signature (stealthy) forward movements toward your loftiest of goals. The planet of amour is moving through your platonic relationship house, which will keep things friendly and lighthearted for the first half of the month. If something in your past is obstructing your shine it will start feeling like the right time to release any guilt or upset, forging a path for brand new love energy. When the 16th comes around and Venus switches up signs into Libra, a romantic fantasy filled weekend is right on schedule. Since Mars is in your 9th house of philosophy and travel, the sparks could fly with someone from a different culture or upbringing. ;)


♐ Sagittarius: Your symbol of the centaur always has her arrow pointed upwards and onwards, yet this month with so many planets (Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury) in Cancer and your 8th house of privacy, your thoughts and actions will be garnered towards daily rituals. Shared resources fall within this category, and you may become more demanding of your partner only because of your fear of losing control of your much beloved freedom. Don’t feel like you need to tackle everything yourself, learning to lessen the control of everyday worries will actually give you more liberty. Income will be on your mind this month, how can you earn more cha-ching in a passive way? Think about it, Sadge. Envision backpacking through the cobblestone walkways of Europe without worry of the bills at home. The sun occupying Leo and your daring 9th house for most of the month will have you flourishing with ideas on how to accomplish whatever your heart desires.

♑ Capricorn: The month ahead promises a whole lotta steam for you reserved but sexy Caps. Three major planets are in your 7th house of partnerships. In uniting with someone we become more purposeful, contributing to society in a more open manner. If this union involves work, play, or creativity imagine what successes you could bring to fruition. Don’t try to hide it, Capricorn, success is forever on your mind. When Libra hits Venus on the 16th why ponder future endeavors in a luxurious setting to set the mood. A blue moon on the 20th enters the sign of Aquarius and your 2nd house of possessions (the physical and intangible kind). You may be asking yourself what kind of calculated risks you can take to plant your steady feet in the land of your dreams. Time for your symbol of the goat to climb that mountain all the way to the top!

♒ Aquarius: Miss Independent is your nickname, Aquarius. However, this month with the new and full moons activating your houses of self & relationships, the universe may be forcing your hand. The focus this month is on cementing alliances, building connections, compromise, and being generous to a special someone. You may feel exhausted this month but this will be fleeting.  You’ll feel more diplomatic than usual this month with the movement of the planet Mercury. Though you are usually concerned with with the ventures of the group, this month you will prefer one on one interaction. With Mars and Jupiter activating your 6th house of health, this would be an impeccable period to start a new fitness or food routine. Energize yourself and then tend to your eclectic crew of pals.

♓ Pisces: Hey little fishes, you might be known as day dreamers even though you’re actually busy swimming the depths. August will have you focusing on the little details instead of the big picture (for once), now that the sun is in your 6th house of organization. Have you been painting the town a little too red recently? The first 3 weeks of the month will have demands from work and outside creative pursuits conquering the majority of your time. Don’t worry if the critical bug takes a bite out of you this month, it’s essential to the process of streamlining. Intimate relationships are intensified this month especially when Venus charms her way into your 8th house. You are very self-motivated during the end of summer; however your general enthusiasm will ooze good vibes into your love life.


♈ Aries: With Cancer having been in your 4th house of home and family, the focus now is on building firm foundations and security. This attitude may be a little different than your usual trail blazing way of life; however a stronger sense of well-being is necessary for proper motivation. Clear out any upsets that may have occurred this year and make way for a new you! If your home feels stifling be on the lookout for new digs or new roomies. The new moon in fellow fire sign Leo will have passions overflowing. Late summer seduction is on the menu, dear Ram! When Venus moves into Libra and your 7th house of commitment, temporary flings won’t sound as sweet as the potential of a future together. Take it slower than usual and see how far you two can travel down the road of life.

♉ Taurus: Hey Taurus, girl! Life is going swimmingly now that Jupiter is solidly locked into your 3rd house of communication. When the trivialities of life are mustered over with favorable thought sharing and joint resourcefulness the rest magically falls into place. With Venus in your house of affection the world is a sensuous place (just the way you like it)! If you’re not coupled up yet the movement of Venus into Libra / your health zone could have sparks flying with someone at the gym or in line at the juice bar! Think of the potential of a love connection as motivation for you to join that yoga class you keep passing by on the way to work. The sun dashes into Virgo towards the end of the month, kicking your ingenuity into gear with high praises from your peers to follow.

♊ Gemini: Curiouser and curiouser, it’s down the rabbit hole you go dear Twins! With le soleil hanging out in an active part of your chart there will be no end to errand running, weekend getaways, and social interactions (a Gemini fav).  Lucky you, Jupiter is hanging his hat in your 2nd house of material goods and the currency that purchases them. This is only the beginning of a highly productive and profitable year. Keep your eyes open for opportunities that garner more income or consider merging resources with a significant other. Your lust for even more adventure will emerge when Libra influences your chart on the 16th. Emotional spectacles both favorable and performance art worthy could flare up; you’re a sucker for some drama, as long as it doesn’t cross the line!

♋ Cancer: I haven’t forgotten about you adorable Cancer girls! Now that the birthday celebrations are all over, it’s time to focus on whatever money you have left over. The first few weeks of the month will have you craving luxury and (more) comfort. Be on the lookout for extravagant spending, if you indulge in one area of your life, you may have to cutback in another. Thanks to Venus you make quite the companion for most of the month, attracting the wittiness of a partner due to your relaxing effect. Simple pleasures, home life, and loyalty appeal to you after the 16th. Your eggs will be in a few baskets on the work and innovation front. This period of the summer will have you attracted to personal mastery and challenging yourself. Let’s see how much further you can take your momentum, beloved Crab!