LFN at Trillectro

Lady Fancy Nails at Trillectro!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Trillectro happened this past weekend, and damn, was D.C. bumpin. As one of the festival’s sponsors, Karmaloop & Miss KL set up a booth so we could say hi (and have an excuse to get out of the office)! But aside from checking in with you all, another one of the booth’s main attractions was our girl Lady Fancy Nails. She set up shop to ensure the dopest nails to whoever decided to drop in. We did a quick interview with her after the festival so you could get to know the lady behind the lacquer (who just happens to have a heart of gold! Read on…). And if you’re ever in Brooklyn and in need of some nail art, Lady Fancy Nails (AKA Eda) is your girl! Read about her insightful take on the significance of nail art, what inspires her designs, and where she can be found when she isn’t creating new looks.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Eda, the founder of Lady Fancy Nails. I’m a bicoastal nail artist hailing from Northern California and currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

How did you get into the nail game?

I was initially really drawn to nail art because I’ve been a visual artist my whole life and love the cross referencing between art and fashion. My intro to the nail art world actually came about when I was working at a high school in Berkeley, and a student of mine was doing her nails at lunch. She taught me how to use the  striper brush and put me up on game on where to get all the nail art supplies. Unfortunately, she was taken from us before her time a couple years ago while I was in graduate school. At the time I was doing nail art as a hobby, but after her passing I wanted honor her life by sharing nail art with other women like she did for me. Since then, I’ve come to really appreciate the differentiated sense of beauty and unique confidence that nail art brings to people, and just as important, the therapeutic conversations that women are able to have during these sessions.

I’ve come to really appreciate the differentiated sense of beauty and unique confidence that nail art brings to people, and just as important, the therapeutic conversations that women are able to have during these sessions.

LFN Nail Art (karmaloop IG)What inspires your designs?

I create nail art that is inspired by the unique boldness and vibrance of women. At the heart of my work, I use nail art to accentuate female beauty and power. Nails are a canvas that convey style and personality far differently than traditional elements of beauty, such as facial cosmetics, which has historically been defined by male notions of what beauty is. Nail art offers women a chance to break from that and re-articulate our own beauty and femininity.

What tips do you have for nail art newbies?

Always carry around a sketchbook to do nail art designs. I’m often inspired by the imagery, patterns, color, and people that I come across in my daily commute or out in the streets. And if you get serious as a nail artist, always have your nails did! It’s your best form of promotion.

How do you keep your nails healthy and strong?

Hella kale, water, and a good base coat.

LFN Nail Art 3 (floss gloss polish)What are your favorite shades for Fall?

I absolutely love Flossgloss’s Glowstar! It’s simple and clean. I also am all about mixing nudes and neons. I love the pop of color coupled with a bold print.

How was working at Trillectro?

TURNT. It was great holding down the Lady Fancy Nails booth at the Karmaloop tent. DC is beautifully diverse and it was really interesting to see how peoples’ fashion is really made their own, especially women’s streetwear.

Did you have a favorite performer?

ASAP Ferg. Also the Karmaloop stage had it OD crackin’!

LFN Nail Art 2When you’re not creating awesome nail designs, where can you be found?

Most the time you can find me working with youth. My career is centered on youth development and HIV prevention in Brooklyn. Young people give me inspiration and source of power every single day. I feel honored to have access to such a deep sense the brilliance and creativity that teenagers generate, which very much inspires me as a nail artist. It’s supremely important that we nurture that and provide safe spaces for them to enact their strengths as important people in the world.

Creatively, music is another really important source of artistic inspiration for me. I’m currently collaborating on a nail art mix with DJ CreelFish  coming out early next month. DJ CreelFish and I curated this mix to provide the listeners with a blend of tracks to get you juiced to be seen rockin’ fly nail art.

Friends and fans can follow you at…?


@ladyfancynails on Instagram and Twitter

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