Fall Boots - Miss KL BlogThe best way to deal with the future cold temperatures is to stomp around in something cute but capable of getting you through the elements. That’s why one of the perks of the fast-approaching fall is that we get to swap out sandals for boots! In anticipation for the fall, Miss KL has tons of boots and booties that are brand new to the site. What’s more is most of the boots are from our favorite footwear brand, Jeffery Campbell, so you know these shoes will be unlike any others. Whether you’re into sky-high, knee-highs, short, studded booties or somewhere in between all of that, we have plenty of options to set you up right for the pending cold seasons.

Fall Boots 2 - Miss KL Blog

Can you handle the height? The Warfare Boot has drama for the entire length of your leg and the Miku Boot has all the style of long boot with an added white platform for extra height. If you want a boost as well as some serious aesthetic value, check out the Icy Star Platform with a clear, confetti-filled platform!

Fall Boots 3 - Miss KL Blog

If you like boots with a little extra hardware, check out the Coltrane Boot or the sleek Harley Boot by Sam Edelman’s new line Circus. There’s also the Rosmore Boot for those who want a more classic look or the Stompin Boot for those who want the exact opposite!


And, believe it or not, this is just a sample of the amount of new footwear that we have available! Don’t believe me? Check out our new shoes page to see even more fabulous footwear!