Do you wake up every morning and apply the same old makeup day in and day out? Most of us will admit that it’s far too easy to fall into a beauty rut. Concealer, mascara, bronzer; whatever your routine may consist of, chances are you haven’t experimented much with your makeup since that blue-eyeshadow-up-to-your-eyebrows phase you went through in sixth grade.

Although natural makeup is perfectly fine on the reg, sometimes you need to spice things up. Leave the boring stuff for the Earthlings. Get wacky, pick one of the following trends, and hop in your spaceship. Time to take your face to outer space.


PAPERSELF The Polka Dot Pop Glam Lash  

Forget that clumpy mascara from the drugstore. You experiment with the hair on your head, so why not with the hair on your eyes? These paper falsies feature a bow and flower design and are a breeze to apply. So bat your lashes, ladies, because all eyes will be on you.


*MKL ACCESSORIES The Night Out Face Jewelry in Mermaid

Leave the telescopes in the attic. There’s no need to wait for a meteor shower when your face can light up the night sky. Stick on these self-adhesive jewels and you’ll be more sparkly than your crush’s eyes when he sees you.


LIME CRIME The Opaque Lipstick in Poisonberry

What’s that glowing in the distance? No, it’s not a UFO touching down on Earth. It’s the hue of your lips in this long-lasting lipstick from Lime Crime. Pucker up!


NCLA The NCLA x Nailing Hollywood Stephanie’s Galaxy Nail Wrap  

Galaxy print is all the rage on clothing these days. And lucky for you, now it can be on your nails, too. These self-adhesive nail wraps will take your look to the next solar system…I mean, level.