Procrastination. The evil of all evils. It’s what keeps a normal functioning human being from getting far in life. We’ve all succumbed its dark and mysterious powers with really no cure in sight, so the only real thing to do is to just roll with it, and let procrastination run its course. So while you SHOULD be a good and productive busy bee at work, you could be doing these 10 super awesome things that are way more fun than pulling an analysis report.

1. You could be producing super rad music because you’re way too talented to be creating invoices and taking messages at the front desk. That’s right. Don’t let the man get you’re better than this! 



2. Pretend like you’re working, but really you’re just ease-dropping on your co-workers utterly ridiculous gossip session. 


…because you know this happens.


3. Eat ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better. 



4. Play a much needed prank on your overly opinionated co-worker…because really, they deserved it. 



5. The only plausible thing to do during the day…go on Tumblr. 



6. Love you cat. The right way. 



7. Pretend like you’re all done with your work – then take a 2 hour break.



8. Don’t even show up…you’re out “sick.”