Many people these days rely so heavily on their astrological signs to tell them about who they are, when in reality they’re totally looking in the wrong places. How about looking to your choice of lipstick shades to dictate how your personality shines outward? In previous times, we would often just choose our shades of lipstick by the outfit we’re wearing each day. However, as style changes, I find that more recently women have been sticking to 1 particular color which they’ve deemed as their own signature look. So what does your choice in lipstick shades say about you?

lipstick 4

1. Blue - The most daring thing you could do is go for a lipstick shade that is anything but ‘ordinary’. By trading your red and pink shade lipsticks in for a blue one says that you’re daring, you have a quirky personality, you own at least 5 lava lamps, and you have left your personal style in the 90′s. Go you! You rule! Go grab yourself our Lime Crime ‘No She Didn’t’ lipstick and rock it!

lipstick 3

2. Red – Red, to the majority, seems to be a very safe shade to pull off. However, by choosing red as your signature shade you’re making a very very BOLD statement. The girl that pulls this color off is very passionate, outgoing, and extremely confident. I do love a good red lipstick, and my favorite just so happens to be the Lime Crime ‘Glamour 101′ shade. If this sound likes you, go for the Lime Crime Poinsonberry

lipstick 2

3. Moody shades, like burgundy or dark emerald - This girl is very adventurous and dances to the beat of her own drum. Rather than sticking to the typical red lipstick shade, this girl goes towards uncharted territories and conveys a very mysterious demeanor. Like all shades, this shade is pretty difficult to pull off, however, the strong female that can clearly can handle any challenge.

lipstick 1

4. Pastel shades - These shades can range from pink all the way to a soft green. This girl, although very fun and playful, has a very sweet side. She loves life and has a very nurturing personality. Try our Lime Crime ‘Mint to be’ shade.