dakota-elle-fanning-cover-w-magazine-06Dakota and Elle

Poise and professionalism are two traits that child stars Dakota and Elle Fanning have possessed since they began acting years ago. Big sister Dakota, now 19, paved the way for little sis Elle, 15, to break out as a star. In Dakota’s first blockbuster movie, I Am Sam, Elle even played the infant role of her sister’s character. Most of us still picture the actresses as adorable, smiley little girls with missing teeth and awkward limbs, but it’s time to take them seriously. While the siblings have always been mature beyond their years, they’ve recently grown in a whole different way. The new title to add to their résumés? Fashion trailblazers.

You’re probably more familiar with the eldest of the pair, Dakota, thanks to her starring roles in hit movies like Uptown Girls. It’s hard to believe that the teeny ball of personality that we have loved for so long is now old enough to be well into her college career. Dakota has definitely become a risk-taker when it comes to fashion, often experimenting with statement pieces both on and off the red carpet. She is often spotted in leather (jackets, skirts, leggings, you name it) and dark colors, but she balances the edginess with graphics of childhood favorites like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. Throw on a denim shirt, a scarf, and a simple, solid-colored bag for her casual cool look.Dakota Looks

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Elle is quickly removing herself from her sister’s shadow and becoming a trendsetter of her own. The younger of the two is the bubbly personality to Dakota’s more mysterious one, and her outfits follow suit. Elle takes a more feminine, cutesy approach in frilly dresses and schoolgirl chic – picture flannels, skirts, high socks, and Mary-Jane inspired shoes. She has often been spotted in girly two-piece ensembles. Although she loves a matchy-matchy look, Elle goes outside of the box with jumpsuits and harem pants. To finish off her futuristic red-carpet look shown below, slip on UNIF’s Spacer Platforms.

Elle Looks

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Both sisters maintain an unparalleled balance between conservative, ladylike numbers and sexy, rock and roll pieces. Not many celebrities have achieved this juxtaposition so flawlessly. To achieve the Fanning look, don’t limit yourself to one genre. Both sisters are big fans of floral, lace, and pastels. Grab some sparkly accents and deck yourself out in bows. The girls are big on 3D embellishments, especially when featured on tulle or sheer fabric. Don’t be afraid to go girly with lots of fluff and layers. Pick up a collared blouse like The Dolly Top by LA Boutique. Go for shorts with longer length but flashy material like The Bad Gal Short by Your Eyes Lie. Make sure to flat iron that hair and don a sleek middle part. Go easy on the make-up to get the girls’ fresh-faced, natural look.

From America’s sweethearts to runway rebels, the Fanning sisters have remained classy ladies who can be looked up to despite their young age. They portray authority with their clothes, not their attitudes. And while we can’t guarantee that dressing like Dakota and Elle will land you a starring role in a Hollywood hit, we can promise you that you’ll be a success in the fashion department.