UNIF Summer 2013 Lookbook - Miss KL Blog

UNIF’s latest lookbook, Good Daze, has finally dropped – and just in time! In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve just got all new, totally fresh UNIF gear on Miss KL right now. Shot in Santa Monica and featuring a seriously bodacious babe, model Maggie Vitelli, Good Daze combines plenty of 70s psychedelic style with 90s DGAF grunge. We’re totally head over (platform) heels for every piece from their summer collection, which is why you can find most of it now on Miss KL. But first, check out our favorite pics from the lookbook.

UNIF Summer 2013 Lookbook 2 - Miss KL Blog

The Bundy Jumper

UNIF Summer 2013 Lookbook 3 - Miss KL Blog UNIF Summer 2013 Lookbook 4 - Miss KL Blog UNIF Summer 2013 Lookbook 5 - Miss KL Blog

The Six Jersey

UNIF Summer 2013 Lookbook 6 - Miss KL Blog

The Vapor Hat

UNIF Summer 2013 Lookbook 7 - Miss KL Blog Unif Summer 2013 Lookbook 8 - Miss KL Blog

The Yinyang Crop and The Harness Shorts

UNIF summer 2013 Lookbook 9 - Miss KL Blog

The Spacer Platforms and the Spacer Pack

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 10 - Miss KL Blog

The SoHigh Top

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 11 - Miss KL Blog

The Yokel Shortalls

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 12 - Miss KL  Blog  UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 15 - Miss KL Blog UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 16 - Miss KL Blog

The Haighter Dress and The 6 Eyes Pack Bag

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 17 - Miss KL Blog

The Plur Crop

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 18 - miss kl blog UNIF summer 2013 Lookbook 19 - Miss KL Blog

The Yokel Suit

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 20 - Miss KL Blog

The Crosstrainer Shoe in Galaxy Print

UNIF summer 2013 Lookbook 21 - Miss KL Blog

The Shredder Dress in White and the Clarity Bustier

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 23 - Miss KL Blog

The Eyesee Choker

UNIF summer 2013 lookbook 24 - Miss KL Blog

The Shredded Dress in Black and The Metal Bustier