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It’s no secret that high school kind of sucks. Or really sucks. Or, I guess, is kind of awesome for the 1% of people who have zero insecurity, great hand-eye coordination, and enjoy cafeteria food. But whether you were the geek who loved science fairs, the freak toking behind the bleachers, or the beauty queen cheering on the sidelines (yeah, yeah stereotypes are bad, whatever), there’s still plenty of fun to be had with dressing like high school is/was the sh*t. I’m talking heavy on the varsity stripes, jersey numbers, and baseball style raglans. So you weren’t the jock? Whatever. There’s always going to be a group of “cool kids” in life…luckily, after high school, they’re usually like… actually cool. And nice. And dress better. See below:

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Our stylist Micah pairing her Dimepiece Jersey with Obey Keegan pants (restocking soon!), Jeffrey Campbell Malice heels, and Ettika bangles.

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So much of that “varsity” look is really just athletic-inspired wear with a type font graphic similar to the way the name of your high school/college or player number would be represented. From the left going clockwise, you can find the Obey All Nighters Boyfriend Raglan, the UNIF Varsix Sweater, and the Dimepiece LA City Slicker Sports Crop. Varsity Jackets -  Miss KL Blog

Get the varsity jacket without the beef brain boyfriend with the Obey Varsity Lover jacket and the UNIF Going Down jacket. Or get that sweet collegiate cheerleader look without having to do any of the cheerleading in the Glamorous Varsity sweater. Faking it is fun!Varsity sneakers - Miss KL BlogLastly, remember way back when heels were not only impractical, but also not that cool? After 18, I’m guessing there’s some switch in our brains that makes us all go gaga for stilettos and, consequently, masochists for blisters. So let’s remember the one non-sucky part of high school fashion with these totally rad and comfortable sneakers. From top left, going clockwise: The Ash Shoes Bixi Multi Sneaker, the Puma My-66 Sneaker in Navy and white, the Vans Authentic Hi Sneaker in Blue Washed Denim and Stars, and the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Striped Polka Dot Hi Sneaker.