Ugh. Another Monday, another day for me to sit here and complain about how I would much rather be in bed than sit by my laptop right now. What else is new? I also think the feeling is way worse when you just get back from having the best 4-day weekend ever; Filled with swimming in lakes and breaking your toe from a killer party foul. How do you recover from that? How the hell do you get back to real life?! So here it is…the top 5 things that RULE about long weekends:

1. No work…Duh. As much as I absolutely LOVE my job, this is the chance you get to actually kill it on the weekend without even thinking twice about checking your emails. Or actually…Ok, maybe check it at least once?


2. All the best movies from your childhood are on TV. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Never Been Kissed? That sounds like a pretty good time to me. I don’t know what it is about holiday weekends, but TV just suddenly gets WAY better.


3. FINALLY you and your friends have the same break schedule. This means ample time spent at the lake with other human beings for once.


4. Now’s the time to update that summer playlist of yours! Old music is great and all, but if you haven’t updated your playlist since N*Sync made their last album, then we MAY have problem. (Here’s one of my new favorites!)

YouTube Preview Image

5. Time to be naughty and eat all the best worst food you could ever have! Get your binge on with all the BBQ’s this weekend! If you’re a vegetarian like me, than totally go for the chip bowl and indulge in all those empty calories! I’m serious…don’t even think twice about feeling guilty!


What’s your favorite things about long weekends?