There’s this wild epidemic sweeping the current dating scene, and its got women all over the world falling victim to the many tricks and illusions being thrown their way by men. It’s called: Negging. Over time it’s been well-known that dating is nothing more than one HUGE game. An annoying one, but none-the-less, it’s a game that is hard to escape. If you’ve never heard of a “neg” I’ll squeeze a little 4-1-1 out about it. So do you remember back in grade school when the boy who had a crush on you would be SO mean and/or push you into the sandbox in hopes of getting your attention?  Well, negging is a little like that, only now, it’s a grown man picking fun at you. Some people find negging to be sexist and degrading, while others find it necessary and  blame it on a mans fear of rejection from an attractive female. Now, I’ve been in the dating scene for some time now, and have had my share of rejection in the past, whether I was the rejector or the rejected, so I totally get the whole “Neg” thing. However, it’s 1 thing if the guy is smooth with it – it’s another if the dude is just plain obnoxious. Maybe you’ve had your share of being negged, or never realized you were the victim of a neg, but either way I’m going to share with you the top 5 signs you’re being negged…so beware. Negging is REAL.


1. You’re at a bar/club with 5 of your girlfriends  and this guy comes up to you all, ignores you while he chats with your friend, and then feeds you some weird backhanded compliment like: ” Oh yea, I like those shoes…It’s a shame they’re too big for you.”  You see – it’s not meant to be cruel at all…it’s mainly used to make you feel like you’re not as hot as you think you are. Sort of downplaying your confidence in a sense.

2. He points out a flaw of yours which is COMPLETELY unnecessary. Yea…you broke your nose 5 years ago. Big deal. If he makes a comment like that. You have been negged. Walk away.

3. If he speaks obnoxiously loud about you to one of your friends. It could be something like “Is she always this loud?” when you’re just standing their in silence. I hate this one. It’s the most annoying one EVER. CLEARLY I’m not speaking because I’m not interested. BYE.

4. Another weird backhanded compliment to kick your ego to the curb: “Hey, I like that outfit. My grandma has that same dress.”

5. He isn’t COMPLETELY an ass-hole, but his comments just make you feel a little weird and uneasy about everything he says.

If you come in contact with any of the above, there’s a 95% chance you’re in the middle of being negged. Then that’s when you walk away.