When it comes to shopping, I am one hell of a thrifty bitch. Don’t get me wrong, I am not above drooling over the latest pair of Jeffrey Campbells or readily signing up to obsess over the next cult street fashion brand. However, there’s another perk to the new stuff that’s constantly showing up on Karmaloop and that is the sale section. Every time the street fashion goddesses bless us with new gear, an old favorite is lowered in price.  Here are my five favorites from the sale section right now. Better grab ‘em fast, these items are priced to sell.


1. The Infinity Scarf in Gray from *MKL Collective – $6.95


2. The Leopard Suspenders from *MKL Accessories – $5.95


3. The Cactus Earrings in Silver by Hardcourture – $9.95


4. The Chateau Dress by Glamorous – $12.95

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5. The Miss KL Exclusive Suspender Elastock by House of Holland – $19.95