I’ve been living the life of a 20-Something year old for some time now…four years to be exact, and have become pretty intuitive to the habits and interests of my specific “demographic.” We’re the kids born at the cusp of the 80′s – early 90′s, and grew up with the likes of Clarissa Explains it All as our fashion icon, body glitter as our go-to beauty product, and have grown distraught with the idea that The Spice Girls will NEVER again reunite. Want to learn how to relate to this generation of females? Here’s some dire things you should know, or at least be aware of, if you’re looking to have some good conversation.

1. Do you know what your astrology sign is? Well, you should! Get in-tune with all the deets on horoscopes, because 20-something year old girls LOVE talking about how right their reading was for the day, or why they’re sign is compatible with the bartender who lives down the street.


2. Learn to hate Mercury Retrograde. Honestly, I have no idea what the f*ck it is, but for some reason, everyone on Facebook keeps complaining about it. Did you run out of toilette paper this morning? TOTALLY blame it on Mercury Retrograde. It’s the only plausible reason.


3. Go on a cleanse. But don’t just go on one….TALK about it. Go ahead. Schedule an impromptu meeting in the kitchen area with all your co-workers and talk about how hard your cleanse is, and how you prepare your lettuce and water.


4. Get yourself acquainted with the movie Mean Girls, and learn all the quotes. Once you’ve got that down, begin quoting the movie every possible chance you get. Someone mentions there’s a marketing meeting on Wednesday? “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”


5. Get the perfect #Selfie photo down to a tee. You think your outfit looks rad today? Grab your friends and have a #Selfie party in the park! Do it! You’ll love it! I’ll double tap it for sure!